Amritsar is an Indian city that is located in the North-Western part of India. It has been one of the biggest business and commercial centers in the northern zone of the country. Due to the large employment opportunities in this city, a large number of people are attracting towards it. When talking about the industries in this city, there are several of them available which have been playing the significant role in the economy of Amritsar. This city of Punjab has many sectors which offer a huge array of employment to the residents and people want to settle here. Apart from this, there is also the excellent scope for the people who are looking forward to establishing their business here. This is because it has maintained its graph as a leading business center for years.

When you want to know about the excellent opportunities in various sectors of the Amritsar, go through the following information where you will get to know about the industries and companies offering employment.

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  • Textile Industry

This city is popular for the production of fine-quality pashmina shawls, thick serge, silk goods, and carpets. If you are an expert in the art of designing clothes and weaving carpets, then you will certainly find the excellent job opportunities here. To make you familiar with the top textile companies in the Amritsar, there is a list has been provided to go through.

  • PTFE Products
  • Rajindera Carpets
  • King Weavers
  • Omkar Textile Mills
  • Amar India Woollen Mills
  • Frontier Polymers Pvt. Ltd and many others
  • Automobile Industry

If you are someone who wants to get a good job in the Automobile industry, then you can find a number of business houses which deal with Automobiles. This sector has become the popular choice for employment because people are capable to spend much here. This city has witnessed the rapid growth in this sector because many leading automobile companies have set up their units in this city. Here is the list of companies where you can get the job you are looking for.

  • Charanjit Auto Industries
  • Novelty Hyundai
  • Doaba Automobiles
  • Narain Auto Agency
  • Jaycee Motors Corporation ( Royal Enfield Motors Ltd)
  • Service Sector

There is a great scope for growth in the service sector of Amritsar. You can find several IT companies, healthcare, communication centers etc. to get the job opportunity and make the life simpler. To offer the opportunities, there are some companies present in the city.

  • IT Companies
  • Onset Technologies
  • SAB Infotech Limited
  • Tranceserve IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shri Krishan Softwares etc.
  • Top Hospitals
  • KD Hospital and Blood Bank
  • Fortis Escorts Hospital
  • Amandeep Hospital
  • Adlakha Hospital
  • Real Estate Industry

This industry always remains an active process in Amritsar. You can work as a real estate agent here and earn a good deal of money. With the great infrastructural development in the city, the number of new offices, residential complexes, and commercial space have been increased.

Apart from all these industries, there are many other sectors which offer excellent employment opportunities. And those sectors include trading, tourism, manufacturing, handicrafts and many others.

When you know about all the industries in Amritsar, it is the time to explore the job opportunities and apply for the best-suited one. Finding an ideal job is not an easy task to perform, it takes a lot of time to spend and efforts to put into the employment search. But if you rely on the best available source in the market, then you can easily get what you are looking for. When it comes to searching jobs with the help of reliable sources, there are newspapers and magazines, network, recruitment agencies, job boards are available to choose from.

To find the job in a leading company efficiently, you must seek the help of online job search websites such as Monster India, Shine, Indeed etc. It is actually one of the most convenient and organized ways of finding a number of job opportunities. If you choose this source for your needs, then it will help you to get the greatest coverage of opportunities available in the Amritsar job market. If you are not familiar with this source, then you should go through the following listing.

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  • The best thing about the job sites is that you do not have to pay for the services. They will not charge anything to search, explore, and apply for multiple jobs online. Apart from this, you can also save the money that you might spend on printing and send resume. This is because of the online facilities provided by the job boards. It does not mean that they are free; they make employers to pay for the advertising and posting jobs.
  • Apparently, people do not like to spend a lot of time to search jobs no matter how desperate they are. You will be thrilled to know that job boards help people to save their time and land a job in the least possible time.
  • No matter when you get the time for search, this source will be available 24-hours to help you reach the perfect job matching your requirements. By creating a profile on the website, you will come across a wide range of opportunities to choose from any time you want.
  • Many options are also available there to narrow down your search depending on your industry, location, function, experience, and salary preferences.
  • You can stay updated with all the latest job openings available in the market by subscribing to the job alert facility. All the latest job openings will be sent straight to your inbox so that you do not miss any opportunity.
  • Last but not least, they deliver your resume to various employers so that employers can contact you directly and schedule an interview.

These benefits of online job portal will certainly make you count on this source for finding the best-suited jobs in Amritsar efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Create a profile and upload an updated resume on the leading job portal now!

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