inlingua Delhi
inlingua Delhi

Language brings people into an unprecedented bond. With the process of globalization at its peak, today’s world holds a great demand for polyglots, say experts at inlingua Delhi.

While the decision of pursuing a career in language often left a person’s near and dear ones skeptical about his success, the perception has gradually changed over time. “Choosing a career in language came with a limited set of options about 10 years ago. However, the changing times have made new and better career options available to language aspirants,” said an industry expert from inlingua Delhi.

“Schools are also adapting to the change by adding foreign language credits as a graduation requirement. The expansion of the business world has led to big shots like Apple and Amazon prefer bilingual and multilingual candidates more than ever,” he added.

Studies have revealed that learning a foreign language can add up to 15% to your salary. This is a clear indicator of the fact that learning a language is a wise investment for anyone, at any age, whether you’re a fresher looking for his first job or a manager looking to expand your opportunities.

Also the cherry on the top, your language skills do not have to go to waste if you are busy working another 9-to-5 job. According to experts at inlingua Delhi, there are many attractive and creative options that can comfortably supplement full-time work, fetch you some extra bucks and let you reap the benefits of bilingualism.

“The growing presence of online businesses, platforms and marketplaces has dramatically increased opportunities for extra income. You can choose from conventional freelance career options like being a tutor, a translator or a writer. Alternatively, you can choose from the out-of-the-box, new age career options like being an app or game developer. There are a lot of new and unconventional career options for multilingual people,” quipped an expert at inlingua Delhi.

For the budding language enthusiasts, linguistics experts at inlingua Delhi have some tips that might come handy. “Before beginning with a new language, clear your mind first, as to why you are doing it. Learning a new language might be quite a task for some students. I would suggest them to leave their comfort zone, be as inquisitive as a child and keep practicing,” said the expert.

Today, learning a new language can reward you in more ways than ever. What are you waiting for? Turn your language game on!


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