Abo Ph.D. at London business school

The Ph.D. at London business school is seen as the road map to lead a candidate into top management positions in an organization in the fast-changing business landscape. Busy working professionals face several hurdles in balancing personal life and balancing work such as commute time, timetables, on-campus schedules, etc. The Ph.D. in MBA program offers all the benefits of on-campus education delivered through the latest innovative techniques. Learning Abo Ph.D. at London business school helps students to join the course of study and help them to make an informed decision about their future career.

Ph.D. at London business school

The Ph.D. at London business school visions to nurture the entrepreneurial skills of its aspirants and enables them to take a giant career leap. It offers the management expertise and the professional connections that a world-class MBA degree would offer. The Ph.D. at London business school visions to build senior professionals with unique leadership styles to seize challenging opportunities and unlock giant growth paths that were once taught impossible. The duration of the program is 18 months but can be completed within 5 years’ period.

Eligibility: To apply for the executive MBA program, the candidate should already be a graduate of a reputed university. They should also have a minimum of five years’ full-time work experience in any organization and any field.

Application process: The application has to be done online free of cost, there is no application fee.

Evaluation: The shortlisted candidates have to undergo a three-stage evaluation process. They have to clear the aptitude test given by the university, clear the essay, and impress the panel at the personal interview. The fee for the evaluation process is USD 50. Apart from their performance in the essay, aptitude test, and interview rounds, the applicant will also be assessed on their suitability to the program based on their overall profile. The criteria for this assessment are educational qualifications, nature and total years of work experience, professional achievements, and certifications

Admission: The confirmation for admission decision will be mailed to the shortlisted candidates approximately 2-3 days after the evaluation process. After receiving the offer letter, the applicant has to confirm their acceptance of the offer and also register for the program before the date specified.

Program curriculum:

Ph.D. at London business school in the paradigm that the ability to apply the fundamentals results in an excellent career in business. The candidates are made to masters the basic building blocks of management such as managerial economics, marketing management, corporate finance, and operations. 

Final Words:

Each of these specializations offers an intensive curriculum that combines functional management knowledge along with a decision-making framework and tools from real-world learning experiences. Learning Abo Ph.D. at London business school, the students have the flexibility to opt for general management courses as well, by choosing electives from other areas of specializations. With a systematic approach and learning process, it will be possible to gain admission to this college easily and enjoy a prospective career later on. 


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