bsc optometry course

People these days are found to stay glued continuously to their smartphones and television sets. Hence, there is witnessed increasing number of people suffering from eyesight related problems. Many report blurred visions and others different types of health issues like watery eyes, pain in the head, migraine and other issues which are all associated with eyesight. It is without doubt that sense of sight does hold a significant position in any person’s life. It allows people to view the different beauties of life and enjoy it thoroughly. But it is also among the most neglected part in the body. It is important for every person to ensure that they have good, accurate and healthy eyesight all the time. For this, they need to visit a qualified and experienced optometrist.

What are the functions of an Optometrist?

The Optometrist can be regarded to be medical personnel whose job involves treatment of various types of eyesight errors. It is also to properly maintain visual abilities. The medical professional should have completed a valid optometry course to provide treatment to patients. The role and work of the optometrist however, is not to be confused with that of the optician. The latter’s function and role is of primitive nature.

What does the Optometrist do?

His/her job involves taking care of the visual systems, eyes, vision as well as its related structures. They are required to acquire special skills and knowledge on using different types of modern medical equipment to provide proper and correct treatment. They are trained to fit or prescribe lenses as deemed appropriate concerning vision improvement. They also provide treatment for various types of diseases that may take place in the eye region. Patients can also avail of antibiotics based oral medications to relieve pain and other health concerns. The optometrists also administer injections, while some are knowledgeable enough to perform laser surgery. Some countries even allow their certified Optometrists to carry out surgeries associated with the eyes’ anterior part. In some cases, they work along with Ophthalmologists, while providing patients with pre as well as post operative care.

Job profile

On successful completion of bsc optometry, the candidates can apply for part time or full time jobs at hospital settings and health agencies. On gaining quality knowledge and experience, they can set up their own private practice to earn more reputation and money.

Salary and employment

With increasing population, there is unfortunately an increase in the number of patients worldwide. To tackle this alarming situation and to meet the demand for qualified medical personnel, there have emerged numerous colleges and institutions offering quality courses. Eyes are important for everyone and no one can neglect this aspect. Hence, with almost every person requiring eye checkups at some point of time in life, there is bound to be a huge demand for well-trained and qualified Optometrists. Hence, candidates undergoing such courses and completing with properly do stand a wonderful chance to enjoy good career scope in the industry. With the number of medical facilities and healthcare institutions increasing, Optometrists can enjoy availing more job opportunities, paid vacations along with other perks and benefits.


The needs for proper vision care are increasing. Hence, well-trained professionals are required who can provide excellent results. Therefore, employment in this sector is likely to increase in the near-future.


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