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Schools play a significant role in crafting the character and personality of their children. They cultivate and nurture in children, good habits, intelligence, and skills in the most vital years. For that reason, it is inevitable to find a school for your kids that is most suitable for them. A learning place where they fit in perfectly and that enables their all-round development. Toorak College is an ideal place for girls to learn that provides an excellent growth environment and helps them become the leaders of tomorrow. The school pays great attention to co-curricular activities that are fundamental for the comprehensive growth of a child. The following are some reasons that prove the vitality of such activities in school education.

  • Makes you more confident and responsible

Confidence is the key to success at every stage of life. If quality is developed at a young age, it can be incredibly helpful throughout life. Co-curricular activities put responsibilities on children’s’ shoulders. It makes them responsible and gives confidence that they can handle odd situations. It develops a sense of accountability in them.

  • Improve mental and physical health

Active participation in co-curricular activities keeps children active both mentally and physically. As these activities are often fun and play-based, they are encouraged not to skip these which further push them to participate. It delivers regular physical exercise and mental recreation that helps in better academic results as well.

  • Develop distinguished skills

Co-curricular activities are also a way of learning but significantly different from classroom learning. Instead of providing lessons, it offers a learning experience to the kids. They are encouraged to learn by doing and experiencing things. These activities are a great opportunity to develop skills such as leadership that are often untouched in classrooms.

  • Encourage innovation

Co-curricular activities are generally not bound by a definite syllabus. There is a basic set of activities that are delineated with greater liberty to explore and learn around and beyond them. Children get an opportunity to think out of the box to accomplish any given task.

  • Nurture relation-building and social skills

Children often work in pairs and groups while performing co-curricular activities. They are even mixed with children from other grades. This not only develops the ability to work in teams but also develops relation-building ability. The friends they make at school activities are often friends for eternity.

  • Help to identify hidden talent

Schools offer a wide range of activities that children can choose from. From music to swimming to painting and performing arts, your kids can try and choose any activity that they find interesting. This helps them to explore, identify, and enhance the talent that would otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Develop persistence and commitment

Participation in co-curricular activities is a long-term pledge. It needs kids to be involved for a longer period and experience through it. It helps them to enhance their skills in a particular field and also make them more committed. They learn the importance of being patient and persistent in achieving excellence in their desired field.


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