Types Of Masks

With COVID-19 becoming pandemic face mask have become a new normal. According to WHO, it is important to appropriately cover your mouth and nose so that the virus does not get in. Before the pandemic as well, these masks were in huge demand. Why? Because of the dust and pollution, face masks are made up of the special material that does not let the virus or bacteria seep in. It prevents the entry of the pollutants in the body. With COVID, face masks are in a huge trend. People are now opting for different types of face masks that can complement their clothes and save them from the attack of the Coronavirus. Here we have listed a couple of masks that match your outfit and shun away the virus.

Different Types of Masks:

  1. Dust Protective Masks

One of the primary causes of skin allergies and problems is dust and debris that settles in the pore and lead to skin problems like acne and pimple. One of the best ways to prevent this skin problem is to take good care of your face. Wash it twice in a day that, too, with the effective face wash that removes all the gunks and dust from the skin. Another solution to this problem is dust protective masks. Such types of face masks are ideal for people who prefer to wall. These types of masks are made up of the clear mesh and nylon that are known for permeability.

  1. Anti-Pollution Mask

Before COVID became a big thing in the country, the entire nation struggled to find different remedies to reduce the country’s pollution level. Last year Delhi’s CM also came up with the unique solution-odd and even. However, the solution was soon canceled. While nothing worked, the anti-pollution mask gained huge demand. These masks are no less than life savior. They help to filter out all the pollutants and prevent them from going into your body.

  1. Surgical or Medical Masks

Medical or surgical masks are commonly available on the pharmacies and are used by medical professionals. These types of masks are disposable and made up of synthetic and breathable fabric. These face masks are convenient to wear, they easily snuggle around the face. Also, these types of masks actively catch droplets when you cough or sneeze. These are one of the comfortable face masks. The best thing about these types of masks is that you can wear them for a day and throw it. However, you would have to be careful while disposing of these kinds of masks.

  1. N95 Masks

As soon as the nation got hit by the COVID, N95 masks became popular. These kinds of masks promise to keep the bacteria and virus at bay, making them ideal during Coronavirus. As the name suggests, these kinds of masks block 95% of the air. These masks are made up of polyester and other synthetic fiber, which helps prevent all the bacterial particles and viruses from the air. A few of them also have exhalation valves that support breathing.

  1. Fabric Masks

Wearing masks is the new normal, though, but why should be put the fashion at stake? In order to fight back with COVID and still look presentable, the designers have up with fabric masks. These masks are made up of cotton and other material. These types of masks are not only lightweight but also breathable. The inner layer of the masks is smooth and does not irritate the skin. Moreover, the outer layer of the masks keeps all the dust particles and others at bay. Also, the fabric is easy to wash and could be used in a number of ways. You can buy these types of masks from online stores like Myntra. It has wide range of masks. Also you can select the ideal Myntraoffer code in order to score maximum discount on your shopping.

  1. Activated Carbon Masks

As the masks’ names suggest, these types of masks have activated carbon filter that helps to filler out all the germs and pollutants, making the air breathable and pure. According to various studies, carbon filters present in such kinds of masks also help to improves lung capacity and respiratory muscles, making it suitable for the people who live in the polluted city. These types of masks are great substitutes for anti-pollution masks. These help to fight back with the fungi and prevent allergies. However, they cannot be used in order to avoid Coronavirus from coming in contact. These types of masks can only trap a small number of viruses, and thus, these are not ideal options for the current condition.


With COVID spreading, one of the new normal is to wear face masks, especially when you move out. Before COVID, there have been various types of masks, including anti-pollution masks and dust protective masks and many others to name. With the change in fashion, designers have also introduced designer face asks that matches with the dress.


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