The truth is that women face menstrual periods from time and time and are compelled to use some form of element to manage their menstrual related issues. Modern women have adopted sanitary pads that are now easily available at the local stores or medical stores. But rural women and those in remote areas still resort to using used old cloths and other primeval means. With the world advancing fast in technology and in this 21st century, it has become important to educate women in the underdeveloped and developing countries. They should be imparted knowledge on the significance of using proper sanitary pads and also taught the safe method to dispose the used ones. It is only through proper and timely education that sustainability and hygiene is possible. Moreover, women can teach other women in both urban and rural areas. They can demonstrate as well as teach the benefits and drawbacks of sanitary pads and the need for its safe and proper disposal.

Why use sanitary napkin incinerator?

According to studies conducted, usage of sanitary napkins is increasing with time. But still, it is not being disposed of properly. Hence, its improper disposal only creates environmental problems. They are rather currently mixed with other regular wastes generated at home and thrown away. It actually makes it tough to segregate and dispose them. It also exposes such viral borne wastes towards the environment, public and animals at large. Diseases such as Hepatitis B & C also are spread. Waste pickers are exposed towards disease causing microorganisms like salmonella, E Coli, HIV, pathogens and Staphylococcus, which cause tetanus and hepatitis. The only way present to eliminate such health hazards is to incinerate properly the napkins. It is for this reason there should be installed sanitary napkin incinerator, which are easily available in the market for very low prices and are completely safe.

Impact of using incinerator to dispose used sanitary pads

  • Waste pickers can benefit from this immensely as they are the first person to be in direct contact with the wastes generated, such as the used pads. This solution can actually extricate them from basic human integrity violation.
  • There will be fewer Sanitary Napkin Burner wastes put into the landfills as the incinerator burns off the pads completely.
  • Menstrual waste is generally thrown into water bodies and rivers, thus polluting them. With incinerators being adopted, the water bodies can now be saved from such pollutants.
  • As the used pads get incinerated, the filthy waste is not likely to come in contact with any human being or stay exposed for long duration. Thus there is very less probability of infections and diseases spreading.
  • Since the incinerators are easy to operate any woman can use it to incinerate the used pads without any external help. This way, she does not have to be embarrassed and fear of her menstrual napkin getting exposed. She can actually be in complete charge of her situation manage own waste properly and safely and ensure her respect remains intact.

The above are just few of the many benefits offered by the incinerator.


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