web design agency in New York
web design agency in New York

Visual content matters most especially when it comes to creating your digital marketing strategy. Brands are striving hard to come up with innovative ways to convey their brand message and story in a more appealing way that help them stand out from the rest. Today, storytelling is one of the most important factors that can strengthen your visual marketing content while conveying the message more effectively.

Here are some easy to transform your visual marketing content by using effective storytelling images that help you get the desired results.

Create Catchy Captions

Captions can help people understand the real meaning of a picture while conveying the purpose of it. While creating images for marketing purpose, make sure you focus on writing the best caption that helps you get the message across. Because the meaning of the image or the call to action it gives, depends on the guidance you give in the caption. Your caption can persuade people to perform the desired the action or create a strong emotional connection by simply using the power of caption.

Use Lighting and Contrast Wisely

Another important thing that can either make or break your visual content is the amount of lighting your photos have, along with colors and contrast that can immediately affect how you feel about the image. An image that is captured in bright lighting with perfect contrast can create positive feelings and encourage consumers to trust whatever they are seeing in a picture.

On the other hand, a dark picture with high contrast can make the consumers feel perturbed. They can’t figure out all elements in the frame that make them feel suspicious, wondering what your brand is hiding and not showing them.

So, it is critically important to use the perfect lighting and contrast to transmit the meaning you want to convey with your marketing images and earn trust.

Pay Careful Attention to the Context

Context matters a lot when it comes to influence consumer behavior and convince your target audience to take the action by just seeing your marketing image. Being a digital marketer, you can design the context in a way that will persuade audience and convey your marketing message effectively. It is advised to pay careful attention to colors, text, fonts, and canvas size while designing the context as they can greatly affect the impact of a picture.  

Include UGC to Reflect the Real You

In this digital world, consumers trust only those brands that show their real face and add a human touch to their marketing messages. This is why it is advised to add behind-the-scenes videos, UGC and other authentic content to build trust. Keep in mind, posting relevant and authentic pictures on social media can help you connect with more followers and fans.

This is the reason many established brands have started using real pictures of their customers, teams, and offices to instill trust. As a web design agency in New York, you should invest in high-quality designs so that your prospects perceive you as an authentic and reliable company.

Today people read real experiences and reviews and look at brand’s authentic pictures and their buying decisions are greatly influenced by these authentic photos. To make your visual content more appealing, you can ask your loyal followers to take real pictures of themselves using your products and post them on your social media accounts or website. Brands today invest their time and energy in producing high-quality photos and sharing more UGC to get maximum exposure and build trust.

So, use UGC as an essential part of your visual marketing strategy as it is an effective way to build trust, attract more customers foster engagement.

To Conclude it All

It takes visitors 0.05 seconds to decide whether they like a website, product or service page. With such little time, brands need to struggle hard to add a storytelling element in their visual marketing strategy to make a positive impact. So, use the best and meaningful pictures and connect purposefully with your prospects.


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