The reverse osmosis water purifier (RO water purifier) can be the best solution for the treatment of hard water or even normal water which is not that much pure. This method helps to remove the dissolved impurities and chemicals which make the water hard. However, if this system of purifying water is considered to show it’s functioning on the water contaminated with microorganism than it is not much effective. The process involves the uses of a wall that is semi-permeable and is capable of eradicating small particles from water.

This wall can effectively separate the impurities like those of arsenic, nitrates, sodium, copper, lead, etc. This process helps to make the hard water sweet and soft to taste. Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the RO filters. One must make sure to have the Aquaguard customer care number so that they can get maintenance for the purifiers whenever they require.

Advantages of RO purifier

While having the RO system in the water purifier the best thing about it is that the hard water can be treated with ease. This also helps to remove toxins naming few of them would be mercury, lead, fluoride chlorine, arsenic, etc. These impurities in the water come when there is a contamination of water with the industrial sewage or industrial effluents.

At times people also drain some pharmaceuticals waste which contaminates the water. This is also a great option to remove the impurities like the cryptosporidium which is most commonly tracked in the waters from lakes, rivers, and all the public supply.  One can make sure that there is merely no contamination and the water is soft and sweet to taste for the consumption.

Disadvantages of RO purifier

Some of the disadvantages of the RO purifier is it is available in high cost in the market. Due to the advanced technology, the RO purifier tends to eradicate some of the minerals which are necessary for the well-being of the body like those of iron, Magnesium, calcium, etc. These are quite essential for the human body, and we intake these minerals in water as well.

In addition to that, the system is not efficient enough to kill diseases like the disease-causing microorganism like those of the bacteria and viruses. This causes the alteration of the original taste of the water and takes a long time to purify. The main problem is there is no mechanism to determine the period in which the RO membrane needs to be changed.

It can break any time, and one has to have the aquaguard customer care number to seek assistance to replace the semi-permeable wall.So these were the few pros and cons of having RO filters and thus, taking into consideration these very things one can make a choice whether to have an RO filter in a home or not. If you have a water purifier and it has some issues, then you must have the aquaguard customer care number so that you can seek help whenever you require.


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