Construction projects cannot be completed without the aid of cranes. This is because cranes are required for lifting and moving heavy building materials and equipment’s from one point in the construction site to another. The crane hire companies offer all types of cranes for construction projects. Cranes are costly machines and people cannot afford various types of cranes for their single project. In this regard, you can hire the crane from crane hire company and you can cut your overall expenses. You just need to pay them a rent for these cranes and the company will beat all the expenses such as insurance fees, maintenance cost and transportation charges of their cranes.

Hire the Tower Cranes from Crane Hire Company:

Tower cranes are used for construction of skyscrapers and other tall buildings. Tower cranes are capable of reaching a height of about 265 feet.Such cranes can also have a lifting capacity of 20 tones. Tower cranes are erected right at the site itself. The operator’s cab in a tower crane is located at the top of the crane. The crane rests on a concrete pad and is held in position by the anchor bolts fixed on the pad.

  • Rail mounted tower crane is carried on heavy-wheeled bogies which run on rail tracks present on sleepers and ballast. The crane is supported by concrete ballast blocks present on both the sides. Radius rails are used to negotiate the corners.
  • Climbing tower cranes are constructed within the structure of the under-construction building and raised in height incrementally as the construction proceeds and the building becomes progressively taller. The crane is fixed at the base. The crane is broken up after the completion of the project. Climbing tower cranes are used in the construction of very tall buildings.

So now you can hire these cranes from the crane hire company and you must read the features of their tower crane before hiring. It is suggested to check their website and read their product details along with other specification, and then choose the proper crane for your project.

Hire the Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes, as the name suggests, can be moved within the construction site easily. Mobile cranes can be track mounted, gantry based or truck mounted versions.

Track mounted mobile cranes are also called crawler cranes. Crawler cranes move around on tracks like trains and do not have wheels. Such cranes do not need outriggers for providing stability. The lifting capacities of crawler cranes range between 40 and 3500 tones.

  1. Truck mounted cranes, as the name suggests, consists of the crane mounted on a truck with both truck as well as crane controls in the cab. The crane controls are used for telescopic boom or lattice mast. The lifting capacity of the crane ranges between 5 and 20 tones.
  2. Gantry cranes consist of two A shaped frames which are connected with each other through a lattice cross member. The horizontal cross member moves along a set of rails and has the lifting gear suspended from it. As a result, the lifting gear moves along the rails.

The Type of Crane That Needs to Be Hired for A Construction Site Depends Upon the Following Factors

  1. Radius of the swing.
  2. The amount of mobility required for the construction operations.
  3. The nature of the loads that need to be lifted by the crane.
  4. The utilization factor which is the ratio of the time spent in use for the time for the crane can be used.
  5. Time duration of the lifting operations.

So now you just need to search a perfect crane hire company and choose your crane according to your needs.


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