It is nothing new, but with the constant development of new and innovative B2B solutions, the wholesale industry is transforming at a slow pace. The old and outdated trends in business dealing become ineffective and eventually, new trends appear swiftly, taking over the entire B2B business world.

Nowadays, the driving factor to run a successful wholesale industry is to work with an effective e-commerce website, one that has real-time integration, reviews, and customer ratings. These websites must also have the right wholesale order management tools, which should help to enhance the user experience and keep those bulk orders rolling in at all time. It is every wholesale brand’s goal to adapt to new technologies; especially it wants to stay afloat in the competitive wholesale world.

B2B business experts predict that 2019 will be a huge year for the wholesale distribution industry, so working with the perfect inventory management software is something more crucial than ever. Thanks to modern solutions, wholesalers can now turn to the best business operations and additional software integrations all under one roof.

Before diving right into the top five trends to expect in wholesale order management, it is best to understand how an inventory management software works.

An Inventory Management System

In order to maintain a great competitive edge in the year 2019, every B2B business needs to focus properly on how to invest their money and time into the best inventory management system that will be integration friendly and allow wholesalers to collect appropriate date, one without errors and it should make business decisions better. This is something that should help businesses to eliminate the fear or having irregular ordering processes, with too many or few products.

Turning to inventory management systems for wholesale businesses, like Order Circle also brings several other benefits such as a single source for different business operations, since it should be able to integrate with the best shipping software, accounting software, and more. It should also allow wholesale businesses to manage their business from any corner of the globe via a mobile device or a computer.

1.      Streamlining the Fulfilment Process and Supply Chain

With technology advancing, it is something common but B2B buyers wish to make purchases in the same manner as B2C customers. This simply means that streamlining the fulfillment process and supply chain is a good decision to meet up with the expectations of customers. For wholesale businesses, supply chain management simply involves balancing customer costs and demands. It is something that also requires smooth communication between wholesalers on all levels in the supply chain, checking the visibility of movement of stock, analysis of data on a regular basis to help wholesales continuously identify market trends in the future.

2. Better User Experience

The year 2019 will be one that offers B2B businesses with the best user experience, improving their overall experience. Proper automating of the wholesale selling process with the right tools with help to gather appropriate data about customer behavior, which should let businesses tune out their sales processes and adjust them based on customer demands.

3. Detailed Customer Feedback

In addition, customer feedback is something important, a factor that should drive B2B sales, whether it means gained thought calls, surveys, sales representatives, or any other means to improve user experience and deliver the best details for wholesalers.

4. Better B2B Selling Experience with B2C Customer Experience

Most people are not actually aware of this, but about 70% of B2B merchants prefer making direct payments, such as using online gateways, or credit cards to the regular purchase invoices and orders. Keeping this point in mind, wholesalers have to adopt the best options to mimic workflow capabilities and payment options like B2C payment. Businesses will move towards transparent pricing and focus on the best user-friendly experience.

Implementing the best inventory management technologies in the next year will be a driving factor. One that keeps wholesalers ahead in their business, rather than investing more time and money into a system that will not actually work.

5.Better Acceptance of B2B Orders

In the next year, turning to better order management solutions will also lead to better acceptance of B2B orders. For example, using a wholesale order management system will enable users to create a good delivery network, keeping a track on orders that come in and out, and the ones that need shipping. It helps to eliminate the need for making constant calls, sending emails, and fax by enabling placing orders online in the best way, hassle-free and swiftly.

Going through these points, you can estimate that 2019 will be a great year for B2B businesses. Turning to the best tools, and systems will not only help to enhance the user experience but also bring about better returns for wholesale e-commerce businesses. Let us just wait and watch what the future holds for B2B wholesale businesses in the future!


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