Maintenance is the trick to a long-living car. Even an old car can live longer than expected if treated properly. It is also the key to reduce the pollution caused by cars. Well-maintained cars are light on the pocket as well. Some of the best car service centre in Bangalore offers doorstep car service. Here are some of the tips to increase the lifespan of a car:

1. Change the oil
One of the most common and effective ways to increase the life of your car is to keep changing the oil regularly. You must have heard of this tip many times in your life. This is because of the most common one and also cheap. It is necessary to the oil change because the oil is a lubricant and it lubricates the engine and cools off the tightly packed particles on the engine. If you do not change the oil regularly, your car may experience engine failure and reduced efficiency.

2. Don’t ignore its maintenance schedule
The maintenance schedule for a car is given in its owner’s manual. It is advisable to follow the schedule given on the menu to ensure the smooth running of the car without any problem. In case you have lost the owner’s manual, it is available online. Many services are provided in the regular maintenance checks like the change of fluid, checking brake pad and steering and so on.

3. Check the tires
Make a habit of rotating the tires of your car and checking their pressure regularly. It is recommended to check the pressure of the tires every two weeks to avoid any hassle. Worn out can easily absorb heat and blow out. Rotating the tires can prevent premature tire wear. So, it is important to keep a check on the pressure of tires to ensure a long lifespan of your car’s tires and the car itself.

4. Wash and wax regularly
Depending on the weather, you should set a period to get your car washed and waxed. By doing so, you can avoid any settling of dust or rust on the car. Warmer climates have more dusty roads which require washing of car very often whereas, in winters, the frequency is reduced to every week or two. Waxing should be done twice or thrice a year, as it helps to maintain the shine of the car and helps to prevent any scratches.

Above mentioned tips to increase your car’s lifespan can only be achieved if you take your car to the service station regularly, which takes time and efforts. Most of us do not have the required time to take our cars to the service station. So, to solve your problem, online car services have started which does all the work you. The online car service in Bangalore, Ludhiana, and Delhi are very famous. So, if you have a car that needs repair and you don’t have the time, pick up your phone and place your booking with your nearest doorstep car service provider.


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