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Vastu shastra is believed to have all the powers to bring peace and happiness in life. This can create happiness in a person’s life by creating a balance among the 5 main elements which are water, earth, air, space and fire. It can be easy for a person to achieve a happy life if they can go through the principles of Vastu. This can bring some peace and prosperity in family life as well.

One can take help of a vastu consultant in Gurgaon if they want to follow them. There are a few tips which are to be followed in order to have a happy and peaceful life:

  • In order to attain mental stability and peace one has to place their bed in the south or the south west direction.
  • The north east direction can be very favorable in order to keep testimonials, bank papers, certificates and other office documents. This can help in removing certain conflicts.
  • One must not keep old things at home or especially those which are useless items. This can affect the health of family members badly as it stops the flow of positive energy at home.
  • Blue, red, green, yellow are the colors which are very suitable for a house. These colors mostly enhance the calmness of the home and affect the health of people living there in a good way.
  • One can also place evergreen bamboo paintings or other greenery pictures in the east direction. This can give good health and happiness to one.
  • In order to control expense one has to plant some live plants in the living room.
  • In order to have a healthy relationship, one has to clean the dirtiness from the house and from surroundings. Because they can restrict love and positive vibes.
  • It has to be made sure that the entrance of the house is well decorated. One can place a statue or a picture of god at the entrance.
  • The entrance door or the main gate is considered to be auspicious as they can protect the house from the flow of any negative energy. One should ensure that no shadow falls on the main door.
  • It is always necessary to place the doormat at the main door of the house. It is believed that the doormat can absorb most of the negative energies and prevent them from entering home.
  • The house and its environment can largely affect the relationship between husband and wife. Hence their bedroom must be facing the south direction. In this direction one can face less arguments, disharmony and can sustain the love and care in relationships.
  • Surroundings of the house have to be cool and calm and it can always positively affect the health of the people who are living inside the house. One can hang a family picture in the south west wall of the home as it can make the bond stronger.

One can take help of the best vastu consultant in Gurgaon to get proper guide.


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