cyclic triaxial testing system

 These kinds of systems provided by the cyclic triaxial equipment are referred to as the highly advanced combinations of pneumatic as well as hydraulic technology where dynamic kind of tests can be applied throughout the process. These kinds of systems allow the machines to work properly within the limits of plus -1% of the program signals. It also helps in confining the pressure with the help of computer and operates based on the close loop control mechanism.

These kinds of systems are also designed with the motive of performing several kinds of tests depending upon the specific standards. The entire test associated with the saturation, consolidation, pore pressure, strength of science, strain-controlled strength, determination of models and determination of other properties of soil are very well performed with the help of this equipment.

 Following are some of the features of these kinds of pieces of equipment:

 -These are based on SERVO controlled mechanism

 –These also conform to the stringent requirements depending upon the international standards and norms.

 -These kinds of systems are also based upon states based controlling cycling with the speed of 128 data sets for each second

 -It is very much suitable for controlled loading into stressed based static testing.

 -It also has to provide the facility to liquefaction of behaviour of soil

 -It is also based upon digitally controlled pressure controllers so that confining and backpressure range can be applied

 -It is also very much suitable for the online plotting of graphs because it has a real-time display of the data

 -This concept also includes advanced analysis software so that cycling testing and routine static testing can be undertaken very well.

 Following are some of the components of this concept:

 -The automatic pressure system: In this, there are two line pressure distribution systems so that backpressure and confining can be done very well. It also has a control panel which is a combination of electronics and pneumatic regulators.

 -The pneumatic cyclic cum static triaxial test system: This model is an exception to the pneumatic actuator in the place of a hydraulic actuator and helps in making the whole system much more compact than before.

 -The electromechanical cyclic test system for the science: It helps in meeting all the essential requirements and is utilized for dynamic loading so that system is much more compact and less noisy.

 -The bender element testing system: This system comprises of the cells with a sample size of 50 MM diameter along with the dual-channel digital oscilloscope.

 -The triaxial cells: It also helps to provide the complete adopters with the sensors that help in accommodating the sample size of 50 MM diameter. Each of the cells is complete with rubber sheaths.

 -The dual-channel function generator: It will channel web generators also helps in adopting the digital synthesis technology that ultimately helps them to enable and generate stable high precision along with low distribution signals

 Hence, the cyclic triaxial testing system provided by the equipment manufacturers helps to achieve the overall objective of delivering the instruments as well as equipment at the most competitive prices so that excellence element can be added in the overall process.


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