Why PHP Is The Future Of Web Development

Today, most of the professionals from the IT field still have a question about whether PHP has a future in web development. Until now, this programming language is the most preferred language for creating and managing server-side applications. Also, more than 80 percent of the websites are backed by PHP only. That’s why, almost all the companies are looking for PHP solutions to get the most out of the internet. With new advancements in technology, PHP is showing continuous growth. In this guide, we will see why PHP has its future in web development and other applications.

The popularity of PHP So Far

When we look at the demand of PHP, it seems to dominate the whole internet. One way to know this is to go through online forums and communities where several brilliant minds discuss new trends and developments. Stack Overflow, which is one of the most popular communities for developers, indicates PHP is the most preferred programming language among all the web developers. These professionals have utilized PHP for every type of web application, such as websites, web apps, and enterprise applications for several companies. Another important factor determining the popularity of PHP is its use in the most common web development tool, WordPress. WordPress is quite user-friendly, and the software has been a top choice from the time it was introduced in the market. Nowadays, companies are looking for CMS to expand their business. For that, developers are using development platforms that have already been developed from PHP.

Why PHP Has Future In Web Development

So far, we have seen how PHP is dominating the market. Now, it gets important to know why PHP could be the future of web development. Below, I will tell you some reasons that indicate why this programming language is the next big thing.

5 Reasons Why PHP Could Be the Future

1. You Can Create Applications from Scratch

Professionals want to create applications and websites from scratch, i.e. they don’t want to learn coding for most of the functionalities. Today‘s time is the time when the majority of work is getting automated. In that case, WordPress seems to be the best choice for such developers. It saves most of the development time for web developers.

2. PHP Can Integrate With Other Tech Trends

A language that has the ability to integrate with other trends will definitely go big in the field of technology. Yes, I am talking about PHP integrating with machine learning, AI, robotics, IoT, and even blockchain. Some of the communities have already started their work on preparing PHP for the future.

3. Better Utilization of Memory

With the introduction of PHP7, more importance is given to how applications utilize the memory and other resources. Anything developed with the PHP platform is lightweight. Thus, you can expect higher performance if web applications do not consume much of the computer resources.

4. More Job Opportunities

It is expected that PHP will create more and more jobs for young professionals in the future. In countries like India, unemployment has always been a common issue. However, IT is doing a good job to curb unemployment. Also, web development powered by PHP has served millions of companies. Thus, PHP is certainly a perfect choice in the future.

5. Its Power to Scale

Without a doubt, software that cannot be scaled today will lose recognition in the future. This opens all the doors for PHP to become popular in the upcoming years. Today, companies, whether big or small, demand enterprise applications, which are readily scalable. They always expect their application to grow as they grow, which is possible with PHP.

Scope of PHP In India

When PHP came to India, most of the developers started adopting it. India is a country which has been serving millions of IT companies within its boundary. Also, the use of the internet has increased on a massive scale. Most of them are looking for a perfect PHP web development company for the growth and management of their web applications. PHP is still easy to learn than other programming languages such as Java, C, C++, and others. Moreover, PHP provides the best security for every kind of application we are using today. The upcoming features of PHP will surely make applications more powerful.


So now, you would have known the dominance of PHP in the market. The language definitely has its future in web development and other applications. In comparison to C, C++, and Java, it has a syntax that is easy to understand. In this article, we have also observed how PHP is gaining traction within India. About 3 out of 5 companies are utilizing PHP, directly or indirectly. With the increase in the use of web apps, young professionals are taking advantage of showing interest in PHP website development. Ultimately, the internet and PHP will only grow in the future.


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