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Digital marketing is a field of work that is always evolving and adapting to the changes of the world and everything that makes it turn.

It’s an industry that is important to and needed by all businesses no matter what it is, what service it provides and who is in control of it.

Digital marketing as a career is such a wide world of opportunities, there are so many pieces of the digital marketing puzzle that you will experience from PPC, to blogs, to web design, to social media, and that’s just to name a few!

You will find your niche within the industry and where you’re your personal best but knowing that there are so many branches within this one fantastic career is so inviting.

So Why Does It Change So Much?

One of the main reasons digital marketing is always changing is because of the adoption of new technologies that the world is facing regularly.

So, digital marketing adapts and evolves.

But it also has to keep up with the mass amount of websites that are around now, as of August 2020 there are over 1.74 billion websites on the internet. That’s one website for every four people in the world.

There is always going to be competition, but isn’t that what makes it so rewarding? Knowing that one of the businesses that you helped market online is doing well and excelling thanks to the work you did.

The challenge is so rewarding.

Tips to Help You Keep Up with the Changes of Digital Marketing

  1. Take Note of what the Biggest Digital Marketing Companies are Doing

Keeping a close eye on what the most successful digital marketing companies is one of the best things you can do. They will know what is worth doing, and they will know the best way to get the best results. So, listen and learn.

  1. Social Media

If you’re going to find what’s trending anywhere, it’s going to be on social media. If social media itself wasn’t trendy enough, with it being the home of influencers and celebrities look no further than your social media platforms to find out what’s trending and what fellow businesses are doing that is working and gaining them success.

  1. Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Don’t let the thought of stepping out of your comfort zone stop you, you have to try everything to keep up with trends.

Although the thought of creating video content could be scary due to being in front of a camera, it’s one of the most popular and effective ways of marketing online in 2020. Along with podcasts and social media stories!

What We’ve Learnt

When really thinking about it you wouldn’t really call it ‘changing’ and more evolve when it comes to the keeping up with digital marketing.

It’s making sure businesses stay relevant, it’s making sure that no business is left behind and it’s making sure that businesses are seen online.


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