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Before we learn about blockchain technology let us first learn what is blockchain and why is it so much in demand? So understanding blockchain and then finding out how can we learn blockchain technology. We will also learn about blockchain specialist and blockchain technology companies. So let’s begin with what is blockchain?

What Is Blockchain And Blockchain Technologies

Simply put Blockchain is an online distributed ledger, which can be programmed to record virtually everything of value including financial transactions.

This is what blockchain is in quite simple words so then what is blockchain technology?  And why is it so much in demand? Here’s why blockchain is making waves – did you know that the most unique feature of blockchain that makes it user favorite is that it is    hackers’ proof. Oh yes, it is, because the data is decentralized there is no way hackers can change anything without anyone else knowing it.  Now we know why is it so much in demand let’s learn about blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is basically a technology on which blockchain functions. Interestingly, blockchain is being plugged as the new internet. However, that is still to be seen, because blockchain currently is only being used to store the decentralized data – nothing more nothing less.  Now we know about blockchain and blockchain technologies let’s see how you can learn it.

How Can You Learn Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology courses are offered through numerous institutes and you may choose from the courses from Edureka, Coursera, Udemy and Hacker Noon. You can choose from basic to advance course in blockchain technology. However, if you are planning a career in blockchain then post the courses you should also consider certifications.

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Who Is A Blockchain Specialist And Skills Required To Become One

Blockchain specialist is a certified blockchain professional with a deep knowledge of blockchain and knows the minutest of the minute details related to blockchain and uses the same knowledge to create further blockchain based applications for organizations.  If you are planning to become a blockchain specialist, then post your regular degree or diploma course you should go for certifications from some of the top certification bodies.

So now we know what is a blockchain specialist, and how can you become one, but did you know that apart from degree courses, certifications there are other professional skills that will ensure a sure shot success as a blockchain specialist. So let’s see what are those skills that will get you a job as a blockchain specialist.

  1. The most important skill you need to become blockchain specialist is that you need to be a developer, because then you will think about breaking the problem logically and quantifying the data.
  2. You need to be thorough with fundamental programing tools like OOPs, procedural language, flat and relational database.
  3. You need to understand Data Structures including Stack, Queues, LinkedList, Tree, and Hedera HashMaps, and need to be thorough with the time and resource complexity of data structure querying.


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