The impressive level of success is well-observed due to an incredible range of advantages offered by the WooCommerce to its users. Now I personally love experimenting and often fancy myself a Woocommerce aficionado, but more than that I am a fan. I believe it is one of the best ecommerce platforms available around, and what makes them so great is the abundance of extensions and plugins that can be integrated into your store. It doesn’t matter if you are selling vaporizers or toilet seat covers or hot tub covers, the platform offers nothing but the best. In the following post, I would like to mention certain ways through which one can encourage bulk purchases in WooCommerce.

Now when a customer buys a product from you, it is but obvious for them to expect something in return. “Something more” to be precise, be it in terms of personalized offers or special discounts. However, it would be foolishness to sacrifice revenue to give them these concessions. So what can be done? How to find a win-win situation?

Boost your sales!

Are you well aware regarding the fact that most of the efforts to improve sales are diverted towards increasing traffic and conversion rate? If not, chances are there that you may miss out on another crucial aspect that is ‘bulk buyers’.

Yes, Bulk buyers are your lifeguards! So make sure you focus on the equal basis. Encourage customers to buy more products in one session. It’s a win-win deal. Customers get benefits of bulk buying and your sales increase.

But the question is how to achieve that?

Implementing those Myriad age-old techniques on your WooCommerce store is the demand of the day. Apart from that, here I would like to mention a few proven techniques that will guide you to regarding the same.

#1 Personalize Pricing for Customers

Every customer is special and so should be your pricing structure. Applying personalized pricing to each and every customer especially the ones who are registered in your ecommerce store. All you can do is track their day to day activities on your store, understand their shopping pattern, likes and preferences and then customize prices.

For instance, in case you come across a person who buys food for his dog on the regular basis, you will come to know his requirement very well. So what can be done is, lower the prices of dog food and dog related items on the store. However, keep rest all products at their original selling prices. By doing this, he himself will get encouraged to buy more items of his interest at a lower price. And increase the chances of future purchases on your store.

#2 Flat/Percentage Discounts

Another way to entice customers to buy more is by offering flat-percentage discounts. One can go for, end of season sales typically run on flat and percentage discounts. For example, for a WooCommerce store you can set up discounts as:

  • $10 off on subtotal above $100
  • 5% discount if order contains more than 10 items
  • 10% discounts if order contains more than 15 items
  • $15 for any product belonging to a particular category

Always keep this in mind, shopaholic’s eyes gleam over big discount numbers resulting in big purchases. Apart from this you can even think of crafting combo packages like Beginner course $45, Beginner + Advanced course $80, etc.

#3 Group Based Discounts

Categorize your customers under various groups such as premium customers, business partners etc. Apart from this, you can think of delighting your bigger prospects with bigger concessions. Offer extra discounts to premium customers who maintained long term relation with you. While doing all this, don’t forget to look after your business partners, try offering them special pricing as well! After all, give and take between business associates strengthens the bond, isn’t it? This way you can assure personalized treatment to all user categories and ensure more and more purchases on your store. Customer Specific Pricing plugin may be helpful to incorporate Group based discounts.

#4 Single Stop for Retail and Wholesale

 Make your ecommerce store a single stop for retail as well as wholesale buyers. Create quantity based discounts for both. Run bulk-pricing offers for retail buyers, for example: buy 3 get 1 free or buy 2 at just $49. Retail buyers prefer buying in bigger quantity when given extra deals. In addition to this, you can even think of creating a separate user role for wholesale buyers. Provide customized forms to users to apply as ‘Wholesale Customer’. And don’t forget to grant them access to purchase in bulk.

Final thoughts

Most of the reliable WooCommerce development companies agree with the fact that bulk purchases can benefit you as well as your customers.  They boost your sales without the need to increase traffic, and your customers get a higher purchase value. With the above steps in place, you are all set to encourage bulk purchases within your Woocommerce store.


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