rubber-mat-for-electrical-purpose Why Insulating Mats are a Must Have Equipment in Any Industry?

Where there is electricity, there must be safety measures which will help in maintaining the safety of the workers working there. In many work locations such as factories, there is a risk of accidents due to electrical mishappenings. This may happen because of various reasons such as high voltage equipment and cables.

No one can deny the fact that electrical insulating mats are one of the best safety measures that can be adopted by industries for maintaining safety and security in the workplace. Around the world, there are many countries where people work with high risk as they are contacted with electrical equipment and cables daily. However, if you want to make sure that workers working under you are safe and secured you must invest in purchasing high voltage insulating mats. In this article, we are sharing some facts and points which will help you in understanding everything about insulating mats in detail.

Key facts about electrical insulating mats:
Electrical accidents are very common in any workplace and some may even result in death. In general, accidents take place when individuals fail to recognize electrical hazards and do not take any precautions. Any electrical shocks can be traumatic and can cause extreme muscle contractions, breathing problems and many other health issues or even death.

Companies that use electrical equipment must follow the below-mentioned precautions:

  • Workers must wear protective equipments while working with high-voltage electricity. Items such as insulating gloves, boots and reflector suits must be used as these helps in minimizing the exposure to any hazard.
  • Switchboard matting must be done as it helps in protecting employees in the workplace.
  • Greater attention and notice should be paid by employees while working with electrical equipments.
  • Proper and regular inspection of electrical equipments must be given in order to make sure that they are safe to be used.

The fact that following safety measures will help in preventing various accidents but they cannot protect you from any severe accident. For maintaining better safety, electrical insulating mats should be used. Below we have discussed the effectiveness of using insulating mats for safety purpose in an industry:

What are electrical safety mats?
Electrical safety mats are uniquely designed mats to protect workers and employees from any potential electrical accidents which may happen while they are working with any high voltage machine in the factory. Electrical safety mats are used in places where the workers need to work with high voltage electrical wires. They provide safety to workers working with electrical equipment and are used by factory personals and electricians.

They are known for providing a protective layer of insulation which helps in saving the person from any electrical shock. When the floor is covered with electrical insulating mats the direct contact with the floor is avoided. These mats are specifically manufactured for providing insulation to workers from any electrical shocks by not making the workers stand on the ground. As the electrical circuit is not completed, the electrical shock and injuries get prevented.

Benefits of electrical insulating mats:
Easy to use and install:
Electrical insulating Mats are very easy to install and can be done by any person. They can be used in any small workshops and offices where the workers need to work with electrical equipment as they are very easy to lay and use.

Ensures safety of workers:
Even if the workers are using insulating gloves and boots, they may still get injured due to an electrical accident. Electrical insulating Mats make sure that the workers are fully protected from any kind of electrical injury.

Available in various thickness and materials
These mats are manufactured for catering various needs of the industry and workplace. And as each workplace is having different needs they come in different variants and thickness. As generally these mats will be used by workers who are unable to read and write, manufacturers design these flats in different colors which makes them easy for the identification. They are anti slippery in nature and thus prevent skidding. You can get this mat in various sizes are or you can even customize the size according to your need.

They are very cost effective:
According to some people, electrical insulating Mats are very costly whereas they are not when you take the duration in consideration. Once you purchase an electrical insulating mat you don’t have to purchase another for next 1 or 2 years.

As these mats are an essential equipment for maintaining the safety level of any industry, people must not ignore purchasing them. Investing in a good quality insulating mat will be very helpful as you will be able to maintain high safety and security of the workers. They help in reducing the chances of electrical hazards.


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