Also known as WiFi range expanders or repeaters, extenders are smart devices that help you enhance the range and coverage of existing home or office network. These are very easy to manage and maintain, and whole configuration for Netgear wiFi extender setup is handled through Mywifiext. Wireless repeaters are completely different from routers as they transmit signals across desktops connected to network whereas expanders plant a new life into poor signals.

In order to configure Wireless extender setup, users have to access a web user interface. As soon as they log in to Netgear genie setup page, they can change network settings according to their requirements.

In this guide, we will make you familiar with the setup process of login web page. Let’s get started.

Fix: Unable to redirect to login page

When users install new extender setup, they need to log in to setup page. However, it displays error messages owing to technical glitches. Basically, the problem occurs when you are not properly connected to extender’s network.

Also, it is not a standard website on Internet but just a local URL. The web page allows you to install and configure your device, letting you remove dead zones and troubleshoot poor connectivity issues.

Here, we will thoroughly explain how to perform netgear extender setup so that you can get access to this website.

Login details for New Extender Setup

Once users are on the setup page, it asks for login credentials. Here, they need to enter default username and password.

In case you desire to modify the default login details, you can do so as well. All you need to do is simply sign in to wiFi range extender setup page.

Possible solutions to fix login issue

There are various possible reasons that you are not able to access the website. Below are the reasons along with their fixes. Read on.

  1. Placement

The primary reason that you are getting an error message while logging in is the placement of your device. It’s recommended to place your device and home router in the same room if possible.

  1. Power Supply

Check if your tool is receiving the proper power supply from electrical socket. If not, plug in it back again.

  1. Web Browser

Make sure to delete cache, cookies, and the entire browsing history of Internet browser you are making use of. Also, don’t forget to clear the memory of your web browser. In case you are still facing the same issue, opt for a different web browser.

  1. LED Status

Check the status of LEDs as well as Ethernet connections of your extender.

  1. IP Address

Try to use default IP address of router instead of the URL to access wiFi extender setup page.

  1. Ethernet Connections

Ethernet connections are better than WiFi ones. In case you are using WiFi connections, go for Ethernet cable.

Extender Setup without using Configuration CD

When you buy a new expander, it comes along with a configuration CD that makes installation and setup problem-free. But what if it gets misplaced or lost? Well, do not worry as you are still in luck.

One can easily set up their device without any configuration CD. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Use an Ethernet cable and connect your PC with extender.
  2. Go to login page and enter the default details such as username and password.
  3. Once done, click on Setup button.
  4. Change settings as per your need.
  5. Hit Apply button.

And there you are. In this way, you can log in to the website and modify settings on your own. If you face any difficulty during the process or find it a tricky task, it’s suggested you to take help from experienced and certified IT professionals.



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