Mobile Spy Apps
Mobile Spy Apps

Do you have any idea that there are mobile apps for android devices as well as iPhone? There is one specific application which is called DDI utilities which are perfect not only for data backup and recovery but also checking mobile services.

What is cell phone Spy App?

This special product is basically hybrid software which permits you to display your smartphone in actual time. This software has the ability to record the activities of each and every one who uses your Windows mobile or OS smartphone. It helps to start every boot of your device but perfectly hidden and also does not reveal in your cellphone’s operating system task manager. If you want to view your activity results, you must log in the online panel and apply username as well as your password.

Cellphone Spy app logging features:

This is really powerful software, and it is the ability to monitor smartphone activities online. You can log any time from any location, and you don’t need to access your phone. Following are some cell phone spy activities recorded below. There are all activities available that are including time, date, and stamp and are easily researchable by phone numbers. Logs can simply export to CSV for importing into a database.

  • Calls log- The incoming and outgoing cellphone call number is logged with the exact duration of the call and as well as the time stamp.
  • Text messages (SMS) log- Each and every text message is saved and logged, even if the cellular smartphones are deleted. Also, includes full and complete text messages.
  • Website URL logs- Those addresses which are entered into internet explorer Mobile are also logged. So it is very much easy for you to track web browsing activities. This is only window mobile
  • Log summery- The overall summery of all cellphone activities can be easily revealed along with individual viewers for each and every
  • As an Employer:

These all applications are made just for monitoring those responsibilities. As an employer, you can smartly use these apps as a business. As a boss, the manager must focus on employees to make sure that the quality products must be safely delivered to clients. The manager surely looks for the performance of the clients. I prefer to suggest you that you need to invest in spy apps. According to me, that was my best decision ever to devote to it for my company’s improvement. It was the easiest way to check out the employee’s actual performance by a control panel on my cell phone which provides a dashboard for extracted information from their smartphones.

Are you aware of free GPS phone tracker application which is offered? I as a boss, personally selected a paid one which is called Surepoint Spy since the smartphones that I provided were Android, and it allows a one-time payment of $69.99 annually without concealed charges and as well as extra fees. By the help of this, I quickly tracked my all employees who were using their Facebook instead of doing their work at work place. I think it is very essential in such a way that the employees now severely follow the rules and also regulations that I gave to them. They avoid using cellphones while doing their work; they also try to evade social media logs, website search and private text messages at the workplace.

TheOneSpy App review is such a great app in anyway. I have complete details of my employees related to their incoming and as well as their outgoing emails. I don’t like to get my employee’s cellphones from time to time because it seems awkward. But seriously, I don’t need to do this, because their every type of mobile activity goes directly to control panel of my smartphone or desktop. The energy and the time that I saved by consuming this app are nothing but incomparable.

Privacy Matters:

Whatever you are using free or paid android spy app, try to be very careful and keen on legalities including privacy; unlike in Russia, this investigation is totally legal. It ultimately depends on what state you from are. Authorities matter or don’t forget to research by your own before use to be safe.


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