industrial automation solution
industrial automation solution

A concept known as Industry 4.0 was coined for the recent trends, which include cognitive computing, cloud computing, IoT, cyber physical systems etc. in today’s manufacturing industries. The first industry i.e. Industry 1.0 was the use of mechanization, steam power, and water power for manufacturing purposes. Industry 2.0 was coined for mass production, electricity, and assembly lines. When robots and computers started being used in production industries, it was known as Industry 3.0. With industry 4.0, everything is all about automation and allowing remote controlling of industrial equipment.

An industrial automation solution is all about getting your industry interconnectivity and remote accessibility as well as a way to ensure that your industry functions with minimal human interaction. The Industry 4.0 dream is coming closer day by day and the key to this dream is an industrial automation solution.

Reasons Why Industrial Automation Solution Is the Latest Trend

Here is why industrial automation solutions are a key to Industry 4.0 concept:

  • Increased Efficiency of Machines: Human-controlled machines worked at a set pace, which could be controlled by humans. This did the work for a while, but as production rate had to increase due to rising demand, new and innovative automation technologies came into picture. These technologies ensure that the machines have an increased level of efficiency when compared to earlier times as the machines make decisions on their own depending upon machine learning algorithms and probabilistic analysis without human delay.
  • Cost Effectiveness: As machines can now use industrial automation solution to function independently with minimal human interaction, labor costs have cut down drastically. Machines use probabilistic analysis to make decisions, which makes them more efficient in terms of usage of materials that leads to less wastage. This includes usage of electricity and other resources as well. All this saves a lot of money for the company, making them cost effective.
  • Enhanced Review System and Better Maintenance: With the help of an industrial automation solution, these machines keep track of their performance data in a much more accessible and easily understandable way. Due to this, predictive maintenance is possible. Furthermore, as the machines are automated, if they start to malfunction, they can easily direct the maintenance personnel to what actually needs to be done to fix the problem. The performance data that is noted by the automation solution can be used to make intelligent business decisions as well, which allows an enhanced review system.

Automation solutions in an industry have become highly beneficial and equally important to stay ahead and relevant in the market. With the help of these solutions, companies can actually increase their profit and start rising on the growth curve instead of staying stagnant or declining.

How Industrial Automation Solution Is Bringing Us Closer to Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is known as smart industry by some people. This means everything from automation to connectivity. This concept imagines an industry that can function without any kind of interaction from humans – a fully automated industry where everything from manufacturing to distribution is controlled by machines. With the help of industrial automation solution, Industry 4.0 is just a few years away. Here is how it is bringing us closer to industry 4.0:

  1. Automated Robotic Hands: Most manufacturing industries use pre-programmed robotic hands in their production lines. With the help of an automation solution, these robotic hands can be interconnected and made to function together. With the help of machine learning and AI, these robotic hands would have increased efficiency and be able to make decisions of the production lines on their own. This is one of the principles of Industry 4.0.
  2. Self-Driving Freight Cars: Another automation solution that is implemented in industries nowadays is self-driving freight cars. As the route is fixed, it is pretty easy to program a freight car to drive itself to and from pickup and drop points. With the help of automation solutions, you can even make these cars smart enough to avoid obstacles and adjust their speed and levers according to distance and various other factors.
  3. Smart Industry: Smart Industry includes all functions that keep the industry functioning. This includes electricity and material supply, product lines, lights, cooling systems, heating systems etc. depending upon the type of industry and the product that is being manufactured. With the help of industrial automation solution, all these can be automated, which is what Industry 4.0 is all about.

The day is not far off when we would see completely automatic industries in our supply chain as these automation solutions are helping out tremendously in making that dream a reality.


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