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Nowadays, several agencies are providing software-based security or safety services. With everything in one system that works across devices, companies can enjoy the benefit of complete visibility into the team. There were times when the supervisor would check each task given to the employer and it was time -consuming and slow approach to review and still with a risk of errors. That messy procedure has been replaced with the introduction of security management system software.  It is the most popular and end to end solution for managing security-related issues.

Better management is possible with the security guard software and supervision, now; a supervisor can easily manage field incidents daily from morning to evening. The checker can have full details of employees’ and security guards’ working time, attendance, and hour’s data. Moreover, it is also beneficial for estimating employees’ efficiency. There is software available depending on the needs, usage, and size of an organization. It comprises Panic Button Assistance, Smart Visitor Registration, Job Duty Alerts, License Renewal Alerts, QR and NFC Checkpoints Tours, and many more for the security of any workplace or home.

How these tools can be useful?

  1. Panic Button Assistance ensures the handling of emergencies with the right response. As there are some situations such as fire starting, fall or slip of employee, chemical leakage, hazards of machinery that demands quick response. In such conditions, the panic button comes to rescue as a security guard can raise alarm to seek help immediately, lowering any chances of a mishappening
  2. Smart Visitor Registration is useful to keep a record of unknown people or any other person visiting an organization. Anyone coming in and out of the main door of the company is being voted which serves as a reliable track record on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis. Therefore, reducing any chances of chaos at times.
  3. Job Duty Alerts are notifications to remind employees’ their duties, it works the same as Facebook or any other social media app which gives a pop-up notification whenever anything new event occurs. Security guards and other workers get notified about any updates, of incidents occurring in the corporation on mobile connected through the system.
  4. License Renewal Alerts are timely notifications regarding license renewal and certification of sites. Whenever any company decides to take services of such software, it must ensure that they are aware of when their service plan will expire, so they should renew it beforehand to prevent any further delay.
  5. QR and NFC Code Checkpoints Tours empower the guard to monitor each floor of the site as well as the security of the whole organization as a whole. This gives data about the movement of the security guardand provides them with security services at their demand and assure the ability to have a record of every nook and corner of the property.

Other Uses of Security Management System

* Employee Training: –Security guard Management system Software assists company top management to know performance records of their employees and which one needs additional training to raise their efficiency level and increase the productivity of the firm by comparing their average and current productivity range Human Resources Department can benefit from their services. Active and lazy employees can be differentiated through their work and attendance.

* Vehicles record: – Such software also ensures accountability of those employees who have access to the company’s vehicle. The record comprises pre and post-shift mobile patrol vehicle inspections to make sure any damage to a vehicle is accounted for.

* Supervisor Time Record: – Software also gives insight into the time spent by supervisors around the clock. As well as a record of which employees, they are training during a shift.

* Sites facing issues: – Traditionally, the only way to keep data of any site is by sending a supervisor to inspect and review any site.  However, anything can happen post checking or pre-checking period. So, it’s best to send supervisor on fields that requires attention instead of random checking.

Furthermore, security management software is a powerful tool for leadership to streamline, automate, and analyze their operations. This technology can guide the areas which require assistance and improvements. Because this software is designed in such a way to assist their clients and reduce burdensome procedures and policies to handle even routine work. Hence, it ensures reliability, efficiency, accountability of employees, and their work as a whole.


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