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In this digital era, most of the mobile apps are expensive to design and develop. At the same time, they forgot to enhance the major factor of the ongoing maintenance cost of the mobile application. The entire cost varies from one app to another and also plays an important role in the app’s overall profitability.

This is the major reason one can carefully consider in before getting started. The overall mobile app maintenance costs include the hosting, monitoring, continual engagement, marketing, app updates including customer support. Here one can gain a deeper knowledge about the level of effort involved with each and everything.

1)    Hosting

Generally for an outsourcing mobile app development a server is required where it hosts the app’s Application Programming Interface, Database including the Assets. The assets are nothing but the images and the videos. On the other side of the coin, the app developers choose the items which are hosted in the cloud-based environment which includes the Amazon Web Services or the Rackspace.

The app owners pay the monthly subscription fees based on the usage of the resources. In case if the app supports for the video streaming or the larger file transfer to and from the server, this can be a huge expense. Day by day, the user base grows up, it is too costly. Hence, the development agency should estimate with the reasonable one before the project starts up.

2)    Monitoring

Initially, the apps should have an analytical monitoring where the users are processing with the app. There is a list of platforms where it provides a list of reliable services such as Flurry analytics, Facebook analytics including Google Analytics. One should spend sufficient time to invest time and the money in the monitoring of the reports.

Here, the data is an invaluable one so use this one to inform the future decisions. At the same time, the apps should have a system of error reporting including performance monitoring. There is a list of platforms to perform these functionalities, fixing and improving the issues can take the additional costs.

3)    Continual Engagement

Generally, the app thrives when it is subjected to the continual engagement. The frequent app usage enhances the likelihood of adding more and more customers and also maintains the existing customers. The optimal apps have different methodologies of the driving ongoing engagement. The scripting is a must one for the app and hence a continual processing is needed.

The dynamic content is created by a real person engaging on the app is highly a beneficial one. This can take different forms such as fresh content, push notifications, emails including special events. There is always a creativity is happening in an app and thus giving the customers the right reason to return over again. The total cost varies greatly depending on the concerned type of the engagement. At the same time, it may also require some work from the different developers or the contentment developers have the ability to handle on their own.

4)    Marketing

Some of the app owners never consider the marketing factor which is the most needed one for a mobile app in order to succeed. Each and every day thousands of apps are released. Just like an app would not flourish, a list of processes and functionalities are needed. The overall cost of the marketing varies in a huge manner and it is also one of the ongoing expenses for the mobile apps.

The marketing costs include content creation such as the videos, animation, and photography including the blogs. The advertisements buy include the app store listings, search advertisement, TV and the radio. One needs a great experience marketing team in order to guide for the entire process.

5)    Frequent App Updates

Just look at the app updates in the app store and a list of app updates will be listed on the screen. These updates include the additional features, changes including the bug fixes. The fact is that no app is perfect in the first version; but do not worry about it, since the app store provides reliable updates. The deploying updates take some time, but its majority is an additional development time. The cost will be automatically determined by the enhanced features or how the bug fixes are involved.

6)    App Store Maintenance

Obviously, the well-defined apps have a well-defined store listing too. One of the major works for a client is to respond for the user reviews in a shorter period of time. At the same time, responding to the unsatisfied customers cover the overall bad reviews to the better ones at a better rate. Usually, the customers appreciate when the app owners solve the critical issues and respond to the feedback.


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