When it comes to WiFi devices, Netgear has become one of the most popular names ever. This brand has been in market for more than a decade and everybody is now using it. More interesting, it has been achieving excellence in every phase of its products. Its growth starts from network connectivity, superiority of products to Netgear WiFi Range Extender Setup. Now, coming to its range Netgear guarantee that the products it offers are among best qualities and up to the mark.

Netgear Genie Setup is also the part of your device. It is one of the most valuable apps that runs on your smart devices like Mac, Windows or a smartphone.

Textures of Netgear Genie

  • Remote Access Feature– Gives you to access your home WiFi even when you are meters away from your home. This feature can repair all your home network issues, controls the guest as well as parental control features. By the help of this app, one can restart their router whenever they find it not working.
  • Map of Networking System– Gives you the full access to block any device, anytime, anywhere using real-time map. This feature shows you the number of devices connected at a time to your network.
  • Traffic Meter– Notifies you when you are about to cross the limit of your data range.
  • Set Online Boundaries– Enables Parental Control and Guest Access that create a wall between your WiFi and the guests who often visit you. It also sets the limit and notifies you when your kids or family members about to reach the limit of data access.
  • Security– Provides you a secure network with a valid IP address and also show the list of available network active around you.

Introduce your range extender with your devices and network

  1. Unbox your device and keep it aside until your router gets completely ready to deal with it.
  2. Release your router and set it free to deal with your newly arrived range extender.
  3. Now, plug both of your devices and let the two achieve all the solid green lights on them. The light on your devices indicates that they are ready to deal with all the other wired and wireless devices.
  4. Here, you might need three Ethernet cables that should be dust, cuts and shock free. Use first cable to connect your router and the new device. Second connect your range extender with the smart device (that can be any). Last but not the least; connect the released device with your existing modem.
  5. After done with all, open a web browser and type mywifiext in the field of the address bar. Once you have entered into the web page successfully, fill the default username and password and go further holding all the positive responses till it asks you to click finish to complete the setup.Read Also: How to Use Your Windows Laptop as a Wifi Hotspot

Always be in contact with the tech support team

If you deal with the professional guy, he will guide you with the same process step by step in a very good manner that will be very easy for you to understand and configure rather going with the manual steps. Netgear to hold the team of finest technicians in the world and have such quality like:

  • Well-behaved.
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff.
  • Polite and courteous.
  • Have the capability of understanding the problem patiently and brilliance to solve them instantly.
  • Shows gratitude to even those customers who often get mad at them at the same call process.

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