Most of the Gmail users around the world care little while deleting email items from Gmail account. Even if an email is unnecessary, we hardly bother to delete it from Gmail. The reason being massive 15 GB free storage offered by Google. Nonetheless, it is considered a good habit to delete emails from Gmail on the regular interval. To keep mailbox clean and compact best option is to remove unnecessary emails from your Gmail. Moreover, you can search for any particular email easily from a mailbox that contains only the important emails. Considering all these reasons, this post is focused on how to delete emails from Gmail Account using this 5 minutes tricks. In case you are afraid that you may delete any important emails don’t forget to backup Gmail Account Mailbox items Locally on your System. User’s Query.

“I have more than Thirty Thousand emails in Gmail InBox. Now I want to delete emails from Gmail account that are not of use. I would like to know if it is possible to remove all the emails from Gmail Account that are Of no use. Any Short tricks???/”

How to Delete Mails from Gmail: Delete Various Types of Emails

This section is dedicated to different methods of deleting emails from Gmail. Keep on reading to know them all.

Trick 1: Deleting All Your  Gmail Emails

To delete Gmail emails, open Gmail Inbox and select the tab you want to remove emails from. Now, tick the box situated near Compose option. This will select all emails visible on that page. If you have more emails, a link will appear that says “Select all XXX conversations in Primary,” where XXX is the total number of emails in that folder. Click on Trash/ Delete icon to remove all items to Trash. You can retrieve emails from Trash within 30 days of deletion. That is how you can delete Gmail emails easily.

Trick 2: Delete Emails  Gmail Label

Using the similar method that we have mentioned, users can delete emails from a label. For that, simply select a label from the left pane. Select all emails visible on a single page by ticking the box situated near Remove Label. If you want to delete all Gmail emails from that label, then click on Select all XXX conversations link to select all emails within that label. Finally. Click on Delete to remove all items to the Trash.

Trick 3: Delete All Emails from a Single Contact

To delete all emails exchanged with any particular user, find that contact at first. Once you have found an email from that user, place the mouse over their name. A pop-up box will appear from which you have to click Email. Now, all emails sent and received by that contact will become visible. To delete all emails from that contact, tick the box mentioned earlier in the post and click Delete. To delete only the emails sent by that contact or received by them, go to trick 5.

Trick 4: Delete Unread Gmail Messages

To eliminate emails with unread status, type “lable:unread” in the Search box of Gmail. This will bring forth all unread email messages. Select and delete them all by following the steps mentioned before.

Trick 5: Delete Emails using Search Option

Gmail Search bar can be extremely useful to find emails of all kinds from Gmail. All you need to know is to type the right words for your requirement. Some of the common commands are listed here:



Label:<name of label>

Fetches all emails from any particular Label

To:<email address>

Searches all emails received by a person

From:<email address>

Gets all messages sent by a person

Users can even put multiple requests by a single command. For example, ”label:inbox is:unread” command will get you all unread emails sent by Laura to your Inbox. Advanced Search Option of Gmail will also find emails with attachments and emails of a particular size.

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By now, readers should have learned how to delete emails from Gmail account. For some users, free Gmail storage is not enough and they often get burdened with emails. For them, deleting emails is a difficult task since all emails are important to them. These group of users can choose SysTools Gmail Backup to backup Gmail emails before deleting them. In this way, they do not have to get rid of any email that is important to them. They can save those emails to the local system and free Gmail storage.


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