Can computers and robots equal human brain? The computer was devised by a human. But consider the power of computers. They can perform better actions than humans. So, what are bots and why is there a large commotion about bots? There is also a section of the public which says chatbots can take a portion of the jobs related to the executive workforce.

Shall we first see the description of a chatbox?

A chatbot is best described as a service, which is bound by rules and artificial intelligence. A human interacts with chat interface. Let us imagine, you opened a home services company in Bangalore. Customers can book their required handyman services through your website.

A customer comes to the website. He/she will navigate around till they find the service of their requirement and then make a booking.

IF you have designed a bot for your company, the customer just needs to message. The bot will then interact with the customer. It may ask about the service the customer is looking for, and it will provide the answer. In fact, it will be just interaction.

So, instead of browsing the website and saving time, you can have a conversation with the chatbot of your company. The option will give you the same impression of you going to a retail store to purchase some products.

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Do you now remember Siri or the Google Assistant? These platforms can respond accordingly to certain words.

So, the design of the chatbots is not new. At present there are various types of chatbots – the reason – various businesses are making use of the recent technology. However, the best uses are made through messaging services and app. Some popular chatbots are –

Weather bot – Gives you updates on the weather

News bot – Program it to inform of any recent updates

Life advice bot – Share your problems. You will get solutions

Grocery bot – Assists you to pick and order groceries as per your schedule (week, month)and many more.

How Do Companies Benefit From Chatbots?

Let us go back to the previous example in this article. You have a company specializing in door repair services in Bangalore. You will have a customer care center to cater to the queries and doubts of customers.

Chatbots can do the same service – it can be specially designed to offer helpdesk options and online help to customers. So, in the future, customers no longer need to waste or wait for a customer care executive to speak to them.

The program has no doubt, become popular because of Facebook Messenger. But majority of the companies are making use of chatbots to reach the larger number of users via instant messaging services. There is also an option to send vouchers or notification to many customers at the same location. There are some chatbots, which when linked to apps and other devices can provide more features such as updates on weather, help in reservations of restaurants and information on travel.

Can the information received from chatbots be considered accurate?

The accuracy depends on the way the service is designed as well the profile of the company and the issues addressed etc.

So far, a chatbot has never been put through the Turing Test. If it achieves the passing grade, you can assume in the future, it is hard to determine the difference between chatting with a chatbot or a human. However, it is understood that the program is going to be a reality in the future.


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