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Instagram is not only the best photo-sharing social site but it also helps in generating leads and boosting sales. Did you know that businesses have made approx $11 billion through an Instagram ad in 2019 alone? So would you like to enhance your brand engagement through Instagram? It is one of the best platforms today to drive quality traffic and engagement for your business in the days to come. You will find numerous posts driving super engagement on this visual platform.

According to an article published on, video content is the best way to boost user engagement on Instagram. You will gain likes, comments, as well as more authority and trustworthiness to your Instagram profile. Here are three tips to drive Instagram engagement in 2020:

  1. Use videos to drive engagement

When you market your brand through Instagram, understand which type of content would drive more user engagement on this platform. With increased like, it means you have more fans. Then, comments will help your brand to reach out to more of your prospective buyers. You need to define a goal to cut back on distractions and apply a smart social media strategy through Instagram.

Use different Instagram video formats from a 60-second one to a long-form video to get инстаграмнакруткалайков. If you are launching a new t-shirt for men, still photos may not work to your benefit. You can post some video content of a group of men wearing the t-shirts at the product launch party instead, of increased engagement.

If a celebrity endorses your t-shirt in a short video, there is nothing like it. Keep posting these clips for a month using the Instagram Stories feature. Did you know that videos might give you about 46 percent of the total number of comments among the 15 million posts on Instagram?

  1. Tag more users to drive engagement

According to the Social Media Marketing Report in 2018, pictures are one of the best content forms besides blogs or videos. Instagram makes the best use of high-definition photos and presents the content to the followers in a meaningfully communicative way and in a scrollable form as well. Tag users and hashtags to drive more user engagement.

This is the reason why Instagram is so popular among brands, big or small, compared to other visually appealing social media platforms such as Pinterest. These little things matter in driving Instagram engagement for your business.

  1. Host an Instagram Contest & Offer Giveaways

Another great method to create engagement on your Instagram account is by facilitating the Instagram contest. Making loop giveaways is one approach to hold the contest. Assume that there are four people taking part as hosts within a contest

Everybody contributed to purchase a prize and then ask their respective audiences to post on Instagram accounts. To participate, all they have to do is just simply leave a comment. Certain loop giveaways can loop with a good number of Instagram accounts which may effectively give exposure to millions of peoples

It sounds like an incredible option to crunch some big numbers.

  1. 4. Just like Videos, GIFs are also great

By and large, a crowd of people just watches a video on Instagram for 15 seconds or less. As the research concludes, people have fairly small attention to focus. If you need to win your audience as a brand, then you should figure out how to create and post a GIF on Instagram.

The GIF format is kind of more engaging and appealing than the photographs. It’s because those GIFs are not only cost-effective as well as exceptionally time compelling. In simply a question of minutes, you will create a dynamic image that will attract thousands even millions. With the right GIF associated with your brand, you can create a decent sway on your business and brand in the worldwide market. The business will prosper and you’ll be all set.

  1. 5. Use SEO for Instagram

You can build an effective optimization strategy around Instagram. Who says you cannot? The two aspects of Instagram that have a powerful impact on SEO is the profile name and the account handle. When creating an account handle, make sure it is relevant to your business or industry. The account name appears below your company profile photo on Instagram. When you create your business account on the photo-sharing site, integrate your relevant industry and account handle. It will help your posts to show up among your targeted audience.

  1. Be careful of follower fatigue

Have you ever perused the news and imagined that each article is displayed as the biggest problem on the planet? Being energetic and excited about your brand is good. In any case, being overzealous can be exhausting to your followers. Don’t shout at your audience or compose every caption to have a sense of urgency.

This will only encourage your followers over time that nothing you post is urgent. Accordingly, have the precise inverse impact you want. If you are a social media influencer, you are in the business of information – you are giving your followers valuable data about specific products, brands, trends, or items that will enable them to decide.

You need your followers to feel like you are interested in things that might be useful to them, or may increase the value of their lives. In case you’re unsure whether you are causing follower fatigue, think about an occurrence where you felt like unfollowing somebody, or withdrawing to an email, or quieting a profile in your feed.

For what reason did you do it? Listen to your gut.

This will enable you to find the right tone and frequency in your engagement with your followers to ensure they stay tuned.


Now that you have these tips handy, implement them to promote your business on Instagram and drive engagement.

Author’s Bio:

Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.


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