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Today, companies and businesses are looking for both web designers and web developers as they make an integral part of a building or creating a website. However, people very often get confused between the two and use these terms interchangeably. Many clients visit web designing companies in Delhi asking for web development services while what they actually need is web designing. However, both the terms are two different aspects fundamentally in the process of website building. Web designers and web developers both require completely different skill sets. Therefore, in this article, we have made it very simple to understand the difference between both.

Web designers

In essence, web designers focus on both the usability and aesthetic parts of the website. They deal with creating the visual elements and layout of the website. Web developers always begin with considering the objectives and requirements of the client. They further proceed to the information architecture in order to make a hierarchy of the website’s information along with giving guidance to the design process. There are various basic principles of design that they need to achieve aesthetically and facilitates a good user experience. Some basic design principles are as follows:

  • Balance– Creating a balanced layout is essential for web designers. We refer to heavy elements (large and dark colors) and light ones (small and lighter colors) in web design. To achieve a balanced website design, it is important to use the correct proportion of each one.
  • Contrast- In color theory, opposite colors are positioned on the color wheel opposite each other. A few other cases where the distinction is important are provided by web design. To distinguish and attract attention to certain areas of the website, designers look at contrasting sizes, textures, and shapes.
  • Emphasis- When addressing comparison, we touched on this a bit. Prominence is a design philosophy focused on the deliberate “highlighting” of some essential elements of the layout of the website. It’s essential to mention that you end up stressing nothing if you emphasize everything on the list.
  • Unity– Unity is the relationship between the different sections of the structure of the website and the overall composition. By grouping elements into categories, Unity deals with how the human brain visually organizes information.

Web developers

The web developers take the design of the website from the web designers and construct a functioning and working website out of it. They use different programming languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript to inject life into the design files. Web developers are also known as programmers simply take the design created and architect a functioning website. To make it simple, you can imagine a non-interactive and plain picture or image of a website. Programmers take that image and break it up into various components. They put in use different programming languages like HTML or for a dynamic look a language like PHP. Many advanced programmers use a content management system (CMS) like Joomla or WordPress to make development streamline and to allow the clients to get an easy way to update and maintain their website.

Web developers or programmers also have an option of converting a simple static layout provided by the web designer into a dynamic one by using various colors, images, GIFs, content sliders, active links, interactive elements, and various buttons.

Some final words

There are many individuals who are capable of doing both, but most people specialize in one set of skills. Recruiting a dedicated person for web designing Delhi and an experienced and skilled programmer can both get excellent results for the website and in turn for the company.


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