Mobile apps have taken over the world faster than any technology to date. Too much of a stretch? With over 2.7 billion smartphone users, over 2.8 million apps available on Google Play Store alone, and with 21% of Millennials using apps 50+ times a day – the claim is not too far off from the truth, at least figuratively.

It is an established fact that an average human depends on his apps to a certain extent to carry out his daily tasks – whether it’s ordering food, arranging commute, connecting to loved ones or carrying out work duties. One way or another, mobile apps have become a necessity.

This is why mobile apps have become increasingly popular among businesses of all kind. There isn’t a sector left where mobile apps haven’t proven its marketing value.

On this note,mobile app development companies are leveraging latest technologies and skilled teams to balance the high demand versus timely completion of all projects. Businesses have realized the potential mobile apps hold, and have diverted their attention into building an app product that not only creates a difference in the lives of their users but also helps businesses increase their ROI.

However, before jumping into the app bandwagon, make sure you have gauged the potential of your business as an app and understand the many benefits mobile app development has in store for your organization. So let’s dig in.

1 Visible Increase in Sales

These days when a customer requires a certain service or product, they search about it on social media or the web and once they learn about a certain app that caters to their need – they head over to the play store.

This is why a pre-launch marketing of your app is necessary along with a supporting website for maximum product awareness. Website is for brand awareness while an app is a functional product that brings in the sale.

Study shows that most of the searches are made on the go when a certain need arises, instead of performing a dedicated search when there is free time on hand. Mobile apps are easily and quickly accessible, provide with the basic necessary features for immediate interaction, and serve the earliest.

This is why many businesses who had successful online businesses took a step further and created an app for their service. More reach, more purchases, and more revenue.

2 Enhancement in Brand Recognition

Have to say that standing out in a crowded marketplace is tough, and app market has become a competitive ground. Mobile apps are one way to achieve brand recognition and when the generic advertisement techniques are coupled with great app rating and high customer engagement – the goal to be more visible among the rest becomes do-able.

3 Achieve higher customer engagement

As a B2C enterprise, valuable customers are the main wheel driving your business forward and once that wheel is punctured, you either stay at the same place for a long time or simply rot away. In order to have the main wheel up and working, you need a constant flow of engagement from your customers. This is where a mobile app that translates your services in a user-friendly way, plays a crucial role.

Since communication is the ultimate tool of success in every business and when it comes to customers, listening and catering to their concerns immediately keeps them satisfied. Your mobile app could bridge this gap by providing them with feedback and query facilities. Not only this helps in satisfying the customer-base, but results in loyalty and retention.

Mobile apps have brought access to various physical services and products just a few clicks away. In addition to this, the cost of providing these services via mobile apps have reduced considerably. Either way, you and your business is benefiting from mobile app development.

4 One-on-One Communication

Communicating with your customers is an essential part of your business’s growth. Mobile apps help in this regard by allowing you to send valuable push notifications that include launches, news, services, promotional offers, updates, and news about new or improved features.

Since smartphones have become the closest and most used devices, having access to their phones through your mobile apps is a great advantage for you. Since you can communicate your enticing offers or news directly, without having to lure them in through email marketing and whatnot.

This direct communication also nurtures valuable intel about your user, such as demographics, geo locations, andshopping behaviors in comparison to your products and service’s usage. This data assists you and your marketing team further in devising sales strategies that target the audience through personalized campaigns.

5 Revolutionizing Ecommerce Businesses

Mobile applications have changed the retail and ecommerce game as a whole by bringing biggest to smallest of stores in a hand-held device. Take Alibaba and Amazon as examples. It doesn’t get better than this for retail businesses. Not only you have social media at your disposal for online marketing of your brand but you have a working app that allows its users to browse, add to cart, purchase, and wait for delivery – All through a few clicks on the smartphones.

Retail businesses in specific have nothing to worry about when it comes to shop rent, utility bill payment, staffing and security. Mobile apps single handedly save this cost, and only ask for a little investment for their development and maintenance.

Summing Up

Mobile app development has been a game-changer for businesses and continue to do so even more with the integration of AI. This has placed businesses with a cohesive app along with an exceptional online presence on all mediums (Website, Social Media) at a higher advantage. Not only you are getting a place in the most used devices, but get to engage them directly through various channels. In addition, with mobile apps sporting in-app ads, reward programs, and promotional deals to maximize retention.

Now all there is left is to take the first step towards your dream mobile app and contacting the right software development company that would effectively convert your ideas to reality!

Author Bio:

Zubair is a digital enthusiast who loves to write on various trends, including Tech, Software Development, AI, and Personal Development. He is a passionate blogger and loves to read and write. He currently works at Koderlabs, custom software development company in Dallas that offers top-notch software development services to clients across the globe.


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