estate agents in Dulwich
estate agents in Dulwich

The entire process of figuring out how you should let your property, all by yourself can b a daunting prospect for landlords like you. For this particular reason, this article puts together some informative and brief letting guide for you.

You will learn about the key stages of the process of letting, which will explain how you should consider letting your property in any area of London. Usually, the best chance you have is to seek the help of experienced estate agents in Dulwich, who can provide you with a general idea of what exactly you should expect from the letting process. Finding a suitable agent to represent you is not the only key to safeguard your choice in property investment, but also your time.

Here are some of the important steps you can expect if you are planning to let your property.


The very first stage or step in the lettings process is the valuation phase. An accurate property valuation not only ensures that you get the best financial gain from your property, but it also helps you to find a suitable tenant faster.

To ensure that you achieve the maximum market rent within the timescale you choose, an accurate appraisal of any rental property is necessary if you get the price wrong, this can lead to some extra time you spend on the market and it can attract void periods. Experienced valuers will take their time to visit your property whenever it is convenient for them and you, and ensure that they give you the best valuation.

Note that when it comes to the valuation of a property, no one knows the property market better than estate agents, such as Fish Need Water, who will have enough experience to inform you about the current conditions of the market. Any estate agent’s job is to give you a realistic valuation of your property. In order to arrange a proper consultation, you should go through the services of the agents you choose.

Select a Reliable Estate Agent

When you choose the right estate to handle your property, this is another vital step forward to ensure you get the most from your property let. If you are a private landlord, then rest assured that letting agents will prove to be invaluable partners for you, so it is important that you find the best one.

You need to take a lot of things into account when it comes to choosing an estate agent for letting your property. You will have to consider everything from their letting charges, their accreditation and more. It is advisable that you take your time to find the best agent through a proper search on your own. You can consult your friends, family and search over the internet.

Prepare Your Property for Viewings

First impressions, as we all know really count, and the best advice for you is to showcase your property and show its best sides. This means you should also focus on the furniture, the decor and every little detail. Usually, knowledge of the likes and dislikes, and their different perspectives make a huge difference not only to the rent you receive but also the calibre of the tenants you attract. To maximize the potential of your property, you should always consider seeing investment of your property through the eyes of tenants. What details would they like or even dislike?

Marketing the Property is Important

The next step in the guide is to get your property seen. You have to market your property in the best way to ensure people come to it. Estate agents at such times can diligently and professionally market your property both offline and online. Marketing your property online will not only will it be available for prospective tenants to view it, but also available at any time of the day.

For the best results, you can market your property through different social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter and more.

Have a Tenancy Agreement

Once you have a tenant ready, you need to have a tenancy agreement. Note that each tenancy agreement offers landlord various options, when you choose estate agents, they will guide you on the different types of tenancy agreements that you can use, applicable to your property and the profile of your tenant. This is an important consideration as it helps to keep both you and your tenant in a good, friendly relationship.

Accepting the Offer

Once you accept an offer from your prospective tenant, the end of the letting process is to seal the deal. Communication here plays an important role, and it is important that you consult experienced estate agents to guide you through the process. From acceptance to smooth progression and completion of the project, they can guide you well on how to handle issues related to the letting phase.

Letting your property in London is not a difficult prospect. You just need to know your way around the process and work with the best agents. Take your time and choose the best ones in your area.


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