a real estate agent
a real estate agent

Your home is a treasured investment, and you don’t want to sell it at a throwaway price. But how much you make out of its sale depends on how well you prepare it, and what steps you take to execute the process. Here are three steps to sell your home for the most money.

Step 1 Prepare The Home For Sale

You want to impress buyers, which means taking the responsibility to make the home presentable so it attracts the highest of offers. You can do this by:

Making repairs. Buyers will inspect the home before deciding whether to purchase or not. You don’t want them to be disappointed by that broken shower in the bathroom, or that squeaky door. Fixing repairs, both minor and major is one step towards making your home to fetch a higher price

Giving it a face lift. Paint it afresh and replace broken or old parts. No one is going to take an interest in a house whose floor has stayed for years and is showing signs of breaking down. Clean the house and the compound. A neglected lawn makes your home to look inhabitable and can put off prospective buyers. While you may incur costs, the expenses will be recovered from the home sale value since a home that’s well prepared sells higher

Adding upgrades. Upgrade your home to match what those in your neighborhood contain, even if it means simple add-ons. You don’t want it to look the odd one out and attract lower bids. Don’t undertake costly upgrades, though; only the necessary ones to increase the value of the home

Step 2 Hire a Real Estate Agent

Statistics from NAR’s 2016 survey indicate that 88 percent of home sellers used the services of a real estate agent. Selling your home with the assistance of an agent would make your home sell fast, and at a good price for the following reasons. A real estate agent will:

Take professional photographs of your home to accompany your listing. Well taken photos make your home more attractive, and it gets better offers from serious buyers

Create better listings. Being professionals, agents have avenues through with to list your home, plus they can create better listings than you would

Make better negotiations. It makes it likely that your home will finally sell for a good amount because a real estate agent knows how to go about it

Sell in accordance with latest market prices. Being in the business of selling homes, real estate agents understand the market better, and are able to price your home according to the current market value; not too high as to put off buyers, and not too low as to make it sell at a loss

Offer professional advice on what to fix. Because they are constantly involved with home buyers, agents know the preferences of most buyers and will advise you on what to fix, so your home fetches a reasonable price

Step 3 Sell The Home

Once you’ve made repairs to your home and cleaned it ready for sale, you will list it in the channels you or your agent chooses. Immediately the listing is out, offers may start to come in, especially if your ad is attractive enough; professionally done and with clear, expertly taken photos.

Take your time to review the offers, and don’t feel tempted to settle for the first ones. If you’re involving a real estate agent, they will handle most of the paperwork for you. Go for the best deal and complete the transaction.

With these three steps, you can make good returns on the investment that is your home. How high a price your home fetches largely depends on you; how much work you’re willing to put in to make it attract the highest bids or offers.


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