Agriculture is a science and art of growing useful plants in correct ways. Agriculture is the only key thing which led our human civilization to another level. Agriculture is a method of growing plants which is practiced for years. In earlier times, different types of plants were cultivated in 11 different regions. In older times it was difficult to grow some plants as these plants were spoiled by unwanted guests like birds and insects. There is always a risk of these unwanted guests as they can spoil your plant and hard work, but nowadays we live in a much-updated society. In today’s world, most of the problems have a scientific solution. Nowadays people have things like fertilizers which help them from insects. The most useful invention is the bio capsule for agriculture.

New ways in growth of agriculture 

There are various ways of growing a crop these days. Some of these ways are easy to use and are very effective in the growth of the plants. There are two types of fertilizers these days’ organic and inorganic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are the substances that are made from the organic substance these are slower fertilizers. This means that they have a slow effect on the plant but helps a lot in increasing the quality of the crop. Inorganic fertilizers are fertilizers that are made from chemical substances. These fertilizers react rapidly with the crop and help in the growth of the plant.

What is a bio capsule?

A bio capsule is an inorganic substance. It is very simple to use this method. The capsule contains inorganic microorganisms in an inactive or an immobilized state, this capsule can be activated if we dissolve some water in the capsule. The solution can be diluted and the seeds or seedlings or rhizomes will soak the water in the suspension for 30 minutes before transplanting it. The remaining solution can be used as a drench of soil. This technique is used for producing different kinds of important micro-organisms like fixers, nutrient mobilizers, PGPR, Trichoderma, etc.

Some advantages of using this method are given below-

  • It is a smart way the delivery good crops.
  • It maintains a high microbial population in the field.
  • It is an ecofriendly technology, which means it has no harm to the environment
  • It is a cheap product for the users to buy
  • It is very easy to use and can be handled comfortably.
  • Unlike other chemicals, this thing can be easily preserved at a suitable temperature.
  • It does not require any kind of special equipment to use.
  • It can be used in producing different kinds of microorganisms.

So, it can be concluded that a bio capsule is a very useful way of producing different kinds of microorganisms. It is a cheap and useful type of product. It can be said that biocapsule biofertilizer has helped in the growth of agriculture. These bio capsules can be used to enhance soil nutrients which will fulfil the need of a growing crop.


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