Three-dimensional rectangular cardboard or kraft-made shoe boxes are commonly used to keep footwear after they are manufactured. These boxes have a greater impact on the product rather than just keeping it protected. They serve as a symbol of the manufacturing brand. The shoe business firm now invests its revenue generated in packaging, too, because they believe that packaging is the first thing that attracts a customer before the product itself. The first impression is the last impression stands true in this kind of business, so these boxes are nowadays more worked on in the industry to increase the credibility and worth of their firm and product. Since we gained consciousness, we have seen shoes being boxed when purchased, one of the common practices. Not just brands but now even local shoes manufacturing companies prefer boxing their shoes. These increasing trends in the use of these boxes have also made customers realize its worth. This boxed packaging has become a necessity in the business. Let us highlight the traits of why companies prefer shoe boxes. 

  1. Identity:

The shoeboxes provide an opportunity for companies to represent their identity. It has the company’s logo that gives a direct indication of the manufacturing firm. The branding trend and the namesake of the company have been adopted by the society at a popular level. Not only these logos let identify the source from where the product is manufactured, but the sense of branding also attracts more customers. These footwear boxes provide the companies with a space to embellish their identification logo on their product. 

  1. Classification of Shoes:

Different shoe packaging ideas adopted by different companies help to classify shoes according to their quality and popularity. Many companies prefer shoe boxes over cardboard boxes. This is not only better in quality and durability but also recognized as luxury shoe boxes. Depending upon the type of material used for packaging and the way the packaging is handled, the shoes are categorized in the sense of their quality: i.e., now the quality is not measured as much by the product itself but by its packaging and the form in which it reaches the customer. The more attractive, durable, and appealing boxes categorize the product to be worth more than the ones in usual boxes. 

  1. Easy to Handle:

The shoeboxes make it easy to handle the product, i.e., the handling is easier for shoes in boxes than just the shoes. This ease is available to both manufacturers and the customer. At the manufacturing end, it gets easy to sort, to place and arrange pairs of shoes without getting them mixed. Also, they require less space and remain sorted. They can be easily piled over one another. Less space will be required to store them or to move them from one place to another. Also, arranging them will be more symmetric, geometric, and will help find or identify the product. At the customers’ end, it will be easy to handle and transport them among other goods of routine use. 

  1. Durability:

Shoebox storage helps increase the life of the product. They can be used for a longer period of time. Though this packaging increases the cost by some ratio, i.e., it is considered that 2% or even a bit more of the price of the whole product is because of packaging. But this has become so important for many reasons that it cannot be ignored. It helps increase the durability of the product, overall improving quality, and giving positive feedback to the company in the market. This durability can be listed in the following factors. 

  • Retaining the shape:

To the use of boxes, the shape of the product, i.e., shoes can be retained. Even if some pressure is put on, the product will not distort its shape but will be able to sustain that pressure because of the packaging. Now the quality of packaging can also be taken into consideration. Better the quality of boxes, the more secure it will be, and vice versa.  

  • Environmental factors:

Companies are considering different shoe packaging ideas to ensure the product is not affected by the atmospheric condition. For instance, moisture or humidity may affect the leather product and will decrease its life and lower the quality if they are not in packaging. The shoeboxes will help them sustain their quality against humidity. Another thing that may affect the quality of the shoes is dust. These boxes will help them stand against the dust as well and make them usable over and over again. Similarly, the factor of sunlight cannot be ignored. Direct sunlight can fade the color and the structure of any footwear. So, footwear boxes help to keep the product safe from direct sunlight too.


Boxes have different details and specifications mentioned in them. For instance, the size, color, category, code, type, etc. This helps to sort and find the product more precisely at very ease. This tells details about the product. So every time one does not need to open up all boxes, rather companies make use of the space on box to specify these things.

There are many other reasons why shoe boxes storage is necessary for a shoe business, but none can be ignored, and each justifies itself.


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