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Canada wants young people to come here and contribute to the productivity of the nation. Jean Asselborn who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg went ahead to sign an agreement with the Canada Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland with the working holiday visas of both the nations. So, as per this agreement, youth from both these countries would be able to visit the other country and work and holiday at the same time. As per this agreement, both the countries have agreed to a time of 1 year getting spent by the youth of the other country on a working holiday visa. The age requirement for this visa is 18-30 years. So, if you have been thinking of going to Canada, and you are a  Luxembourg citizen, you can do that for 1 year. You can work in Canada and have the world of opportunities get open to you.

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Luxembourg working holiday visa for Australians

Only 100 young people will be selected for this visa from each of the respective countries. Luxembourg already has signed a working holiday visa agreement with Australia and is allowing 100 applicants as per the working holiday scheme. However, there are some requirements applicable to Australian citizens. They need to show that they have some money to not fall back on the social security arrangements of Luxembourg. You must show at least 2,500 Euros in your bank account.

You can apply for this visa and easily be in Luxembourg for one year. One of the major requirements for this process is you must have a two years post-secondary degree. Apart from that, a health certificate is also needed from the Belgian embassy situated in Canberra(Australia) for Australian citizens who apply for this visa.

You must have to show return money i.e. the money to get yourself a return ticket. This money has to be shown in advance to get the visa.

What to do in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg, a beautiful country is located in Europe and has Belgium, Germany, and France as its neighbors.  Luxembourg will offer you amazing experiences as a traveler. It has an eclectic mix of wonders available for you. The city has been laden with gardens and you can see them on a tourist bus tour.

While in Luxembourg, the ideal jobs are those in the banking sector. The city is famous for this sector, however, its other sectors are also developed. You can discover international cuisine in this country which boasts of 1 and 2 star Michelin restaurants. Enjoy a unique cookery experience in this country with restaurants serving exotic dishes. You can take drinks at a bar situated in a meadow. Have dishes such as meat served with grilled vegetables.

You can also taste exotic cheese varieties in this restaurant served with red wine. There is Cured Cheese available which has been cured for 4 months or more. So, enjoy all these food items in a restaurant. Cured cheese is prepared though ripening agents which consist of milk enzymes and bacteria.

Luxembourg is also in talks with South Korea for a working holiday visa agreement.


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