Sponsor Licence

Most of the people of third world countries are always looking out for opportunities to move outside, either to work or to get a degree. What is it that the third world countries lack, which gives an upper hand to the first world countries?

While their health services and infrastructure are top notches, these countries also have a better working environment along with stricter policies and laws, which makes these countries even more appealing to the residents of the third world countries. The Indian diaspora, according to 2019 report, stood at 17.5Mn. And India is one amongst many of the countries, which see a huge migration to the developed countries.

The idea of earning in dollars or pounds does seem appealing to many, and that is why people continue to try to look for a job outside their home country. Further, the economy and the governance system, along with the living conditions also plays a role in driving out the residents from any country. The most sought after places to work are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

The UK has a law in place which ensures equality in the workplaces across the country, thus negating the chances of discrimination in the workplace. For working women, this adds as a major benefit, given that they do not get the same conditions back at home. Plus while you decide to work there, you can get in touch with an immigration lawyer, who can represent you in legal matters abroad. Apart from this, most of these countries also allow employers in the country to sponsor some employees. But what does sponsoring employees mean?? In the most basic sense, if the employer is willing to find employees outside the home country, they can do so.

The employer will be sponsoring the prospective employee. To become a sponsor, the employee will have to fill out a sponsor licence application and be registered with the visa and immigration department. This helps in bringing employees from foreign countries. Once, the sponsorship is approved, the employee is granted a certificate of sponsorship. The filling out of a sponsor licence application is a complex and tedious task, and there is a possibility that the application is not correct or has some errors, about which the licence will not be given. The employer will first have to check if their business is eligible for sponsorship and if they are eligible, the next thing they need to do is choose the type of licence.

The type of licence will depend on the type of worker that the employer wants to bring to the country. The employer is expected to take up several responsibilities and will have to provide documents. However, even after becoming a sponsor, the employer cannot simply bring the employees into the country to work. The prospective candidate will be given a visa only if their documentation is complete and true. It is only after obtaining the visa, that the employee can be sponsored. To get the documents in place and to have an error-free visa application, the applicants should get in touch with an immigration lawyer, who will break down the legal complexities for them and will represent them. Most people are unaware of the legal issues, especially when it comes to rules of a certain country. If you are one of those employees who are going to be sponsored, you should speak with your immigration lawyer and have a better understanding of the entire matter. Plus, your sponsor needs to be accurate while filling out the sponsor licence application, like the visa and immigration services can visit the office as well, to review.


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