In the process of manufacturing gears, the shaping of the gears is a famous choice of production because of its flexible nature. This method can be used to cut different types of gears, whether internal or external. Some types of gears can only be cut through such a method. Therefore it is the most preferred method. Gear shaper cutters are used for cutting the gears by following the reciprocating process. There are different types of tools that are used for gear cutting and shaping. The gear shaper cutters suppliers deal in a wide range of tools involved in various methods used for gear shaping or cutting.


  • Process: The process of gear shaping involves continuous rotation movement. It is a generating process in which cylindrical gears are used to cut the teeth in the workpiece. The tool and workpiece are paired together and then by reciprocating the tool up and down the workpiece is shaped. There is a continuous rotation of both the tool and the workpiece to give it smooth and accurate teeth. The speed of rotation is set according to the number of teeth ratio. The teeth of the gear are sized accurately with the help of a multipoint cutting tool. This accuracy depends on the rotation of the workpiece, parallel movement of tool and work spindle axis, and the effect of tool wear. The tooth is cut one by one by plunging the rotating cutter into blank. In the gear shaping machine, a hard-disc shaped cutter is placed at the bottom that ensures the gear tooth shape. The process continues till the workpiece revolves 360 degrees at the established depth. Then again the workpiece revolves 36 degrees at new depth for forming the cuts. The required tooth form is produced when the cutters reach the required depth.
  • Raw material: The gears can be produced from various metals like brass, steel, bronze, cast iron, aluminium, plastic, etc. Mostly the gears are made up of steel because of its strength and durability.
  • Types of cutter: Gear shaping technique can be performed by using different types of cutters like by disc cutters in which different cutter is required for each gear, by end mill cutter in case of small volume manufacturing, by rack-type cutter, by helical shaper cutter, or by pinion type cutter for cutting spur gears.
  • Gear shaping machine: The machine used in this process has a base, a spindle, and an arbour. These machines can be of different types like horizontal cutting machines, vertical cutting machines, or inclined cutting machines. Further, these machines have different models with different features and technology Upgradation.


The gear shaping method is useful for cutting internal, spur, rack, or helical gears but worm and worm wheel gears cannot be produced with this method. This method ensures good accuracy and is beneficial for medium, mass, or batch production as the rate of production is good and product cycle time is short. The gears made from this process are generally used in automobiles, various tools and machines, etc.



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