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Getting Azure administrator certification means getting a full set of skills. It is a known fact that Microsoft Azure is the most famous cloud services on planet Earth, and it is gaining right Momentum at a very fast pace. Nowadays Microsoft Azure is very famous, and it is because of this reason that organizations are looking for people who are Azure administrators. If you are one such person who has always wanted to make it big in information technology, then being a certified Azure administrator can go in your favour for so many reasons. Today we are going to talk about Azure administrator certification in detail and we hope that you are going to get the required information out of it.

Taking about the azure administrator exam

 For all those who want to become Azure administrator has to go through an exam which is called A -103 certification. It is important to remember that this is the only exam that will make you a certified Azure administrator. Now we are going to see which topics we are going to cover in this exam.

Topics to be covered in Azure administration certification

There are different topics that you are going to cover in the AZ-103 exam and the topics are as follows.

  • Managing Azure subscriptions and resources.
  • Implementing and managing storage.
  • Deploying and managing virtual machines.
  • Configuring and managing virtual networks.
  • Managing identities.

What are Microsoft Azure subscriptions and resources?

It is very important that you cover this topic. In case you are a student and you fail to cover this very important topic then there are chances that you are going to end up with a lot of security holes and cost overruns. To be a master in this topic it is important that you know how to maintain strategies and policies to apply on subscriptions and resources. This topic will teach you how to manage your resources consumption. This way you will know how to avoid the large bills so organizations can boost up in a brilliant way. In this topic, you will also learn how to give control access to company employees. This topic will teach you how to monitor the access control and how to make sure that you don’t give the employees more than they need. Being an azure administrator is being in a very privileged position, so it is important that you get the know-how of different things in a professional way.

Implementing and managing storage

Azure administration certification teaches students a lot of valuable skills and this also includes implementing and managing storage. This section is more than just storage learning. In this particular section, students get to know about file sharing using Azure file sync and they also get to know how to implement different backups by using a recovery service vault. It is a known fact that azure administrators are experts at implementing and managing storage so this part is a must to learn.

Deploying and managing virtual machines

This part of Azure administrator certification is relatively easy than the other parts. In deploying and managing virtual machines section students get to know how to deploy virtual machines at bigger level. By being an expert in this section Azure administrators will be able to deploy virtual machines at bigger organizations. This section will also teach the students how to deploy virtual machines by using the Azure resource manager. Students will also get to know how to automate configuration changes by using the desired state configuration. In this section, there is a possibility that you are also going to learn about high availability and auto-scaling. This section is all about virtual machines and all those who want to make it big in bigger organizations should focus more on this section.

Advanced virtual networking

In advanced virtual networking, students learn a lot of things. The topics in this section may range from distributing an application load across multiple virtual machines by using the Azure Load Balancer. This section also teaches the students how to monitor the virtual networks in an effective way by using network watchers. This section also teaches the students the valuable art of integrating the network with the Azure network by using the VPN Gateway and Express route.

Managing identities

This amazing section is the final section and it covers all about Azure active directory. This particular section will teach the students how to keep the organization secure by learning how to add users and groups in Azure active directory.

This directory has many other features that have brilliant options to keep the organizations secure. We all have heard about the very famous multi-factor authentication. This multi-factor authentication is the part of Azure active directory and it is the most important step which an Azure administrator takes to keep your organization safe and secure.  In this section students learn a lot of valuable things, they learn how to manage the Azure active directory, they learn about multi Factor authentication, they learn how to login to company’s system by using more than one verification.

This exam covers a lot of valuable things and it is not a good idea to skip the recommended topics while taking this exam. Being an administrator means being a responsible person for an organization and it is never a good idea to be bad at securing the networks. Azure administrator certification is not only about virtual machines. it’s about learning how to keep the organization secure by learning the advanced techniques.  This course promises to teach a lot of things to people who are willing to learn. For all those who want to make it big in Information Technology should go for this examination. Once you have this certification with you then make sure that you are going to land a better option in your job. This certification alone is enough to tell the organization that you have the required skills to be an expert, Azure administrator.


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