Epson Printer Setup

In this article we will cover the topic, “how to set up Epson printers”. Epson printer setup is quite easy. We will show you the step by step process on how to enable Epson connect for your Epson printer.

Before we begin with Epson printer setup make sure that your product has Ethernet connection or wireless connection as shown in the start here sheet for your product.

To see the start here page go to the espon support main web page, then select your product > select manual > click start here.

Handy Steps for Epson Printer Setup

Now, follow the below-mentioned steps for Epson printer setup:

  1. First of all see, if you have installed the setup utility for Epson connect printer, if not, download it.
  2. After downloading the setup utility, you will be asked to agree to the end-user license agreement, terms and conditions, click I AGREE and tap next.
  3. Tap on install, then tap finish.
  4. Select your desired product and tap next.
  5. Select printer registration, then tap next again.
  6. Select i agree to the license agreement and tap next.
  7. When your screen shows the “Register a printer to Epson connect” message, click ok.
  8. If you are creating a new account, fill the sign up account form, then tap finished, but if you have an existing account and you want to register a new product, select i already have an account. Fill “Add a new printer” form, and tap add.
  9. Now click close. You are all done with the Epson printer setup.

Best Epson Printer Troubleshooting Guide

Sometimes it is possible that your “printer isn’t printing” problem is caused due to small, common and simple reasons. Hence, we advise you to run a small overview check before using a complicated printer troubleshooting guide.

  1. Make sure your printer is turned on.
  2. Check if your ink cartridge is set properly
  3. Make sure your printer is connected to your computer via USB in a proper way.
  4. Check if your paper tray has any problem.
  5. Clean the printhead of your Epson printer.
  6. See if your printer is giving any error signals.

If you still facing problem after following above mention steps, follow the steps below:

  • Cleaning the printhead for windows : First of all keep a plain paper in the tray Open control panel > click on device and printer > right click on Epson printer and choose printing preference > click on manage tabs > click on head cleaning > click start. Now follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Setting Epson printer as default printer : If there are multiple printers installed then you have to set the Epson printer on default to reduce the chances of getting “printer not working” error. Follow the steps to make your Epson printer as default. Go to the start menu and click settings > click on the printer and scanner menu item > move your cursor to the device then click printer and scanner > select the Epson printer from the list > click on manage option > click on set as default. All set.
  • Checking ink cartridge for low ink : It is possible that your Epson printer is not working due to the shortage of ink in the ink cartridge. You can check the ink level on the monitor,  provided by Epson. Search control panel > click on control panel > click on devices and printers > right click on the Epson printer listed in the window > select the printing preference option > click on maintenance tab > click on Epson status monitor 3. In the new window you can see the level of ink in the ink cartridge.
  • Replacing the ink cartridge : if you are using your ink cartridge for a long period of time then it’s time to change it because some people refill their old ink cartridge but this does not always go well and results in Epson printers not working and printing.
  • Reinstalling Epson printer on your pc : Epson printer error can also occur due to improper installation so we advise you to reinstall your Epson printer to resolve the issue. Follow the steps,Go to the control panel > programmers > programmers and features > right click on Epson printer > click on uninstall > turn off your computer and printer > restart the computer and the printer after a couple of minutes > connect the Epson printer with computer > reinstall the Epson printer on your computer.
  • Installing Epson printer on windows  : Go to the start menu > click on settings > click on selected devices > click on printer and scanners > click on add a printer or scanner > follow the on screen instructions.
  • Correcting port for Epson printer : Sometimes the lack of proper port during printer installation, printer not working problem may occur. You can change the printer part without reinstalling the Epson printer by following the steps mentioned ahead.Search control panel > click on device and printers > select your printer and right click on it then go to the printer properties > select port tab and click on add port > select the standard TCP/IP port and click on the new port > click next > click finish > click on apply button > restart both the computer and the printer.
  • Updating printer drivers on windows  : Go to start > search for device manager > find the printer and expand it > choose your printer and right click on it > click on update driver > click on search automatically > follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Wait for Epson printer to resume  : Sometimes Epson printer stops working due to some technical process stacking the printer, in this case you should be patient and do the things like, check your desktop for any wait message or observe the printer for any unusual indications.
  • Clearing long print queues : If you are printing hundreds of documents or using your printer continuously for a long time then this kind of error occurs and prevents Epson printers from working.Press windows key + R key simultaneously > type service.msc in the box > find the printer spoiler > right click on the printer spoiler > click on stop > open file explorer on the desktop > type the address in the address bar > delete all the files > go back to printer spoiler > right click on printer spoiler > click on start.

So, these are some of the basic tips to troubleshoot Epson printers. To know more about printer troubleshooting guide, stay tuned with us.


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