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Nowadays, increased dependencies on the internet and cloud network have made private, public and even international security roles more susceptible to hackers and criminals, however, they continue to lose money for individuals, banks and businesses. Today, data security is considering a questionable subject, though the gap is widening between the network security options and the rising of unemployment. Thus, the information security certifications prove that the professional network has familiar with many technical features, also known as information security experts. In other words, it is comprised of a system that protects the computer system, hardware and software, and maximum protection against theft or loss of data. However, security protects all technologies, network applications, computers and the information contained therein by providing valid access. Following are the leading institutes from where one can get the information security certification:

QuickStart Technologies

QuickStart Technologies is globally recognized as a top provider of information and security solutions. However, businesses around the world are heading towards it in order to become an advanced developer in this competitive market. In addition, QuickStart Technologies is also associated with Microsoft Gold-certified partner, which earns the highest standards of Microsoft, the US leading cloud organization. However, the company joins strategic alliances with other advisory organizations to deliver enhanced worth to the applicants. On the other hand, QuickStart Technologies provides an e-trainer, through which one will learn the latest cloud skills and make the most of professional career in development. Globally, people are choosing to learn cloud computing and other technologies and become certified cloud professionals, however, cloud computing courses lead to certification and help to prepare for the examinations. This offered training for people not only to acquire the skills needed to perform high-level jobs but also to prepare for exams to validate their skills. With proper training and reliable stories, employees can direct their careers in any way.


Cybrary was launched in 2015 in January by long-time instructors in Information Technology and network security. Of course, the catalog of Cybrary is quite impressive, thus it includes more than 50 courses in management systems, network management, network security, and cloud computing. However, multiple courses focus on numerous certifications of the information technology, for instance, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA); on the other hand, different courses direct on skills, like using the analysis of malware and reverse software engineering. Although courses are web-based and include lectures, interactive lab demonstrations, and study guides. Moreover, Cybrarian now offers CompTIA degrees as well along with other popular Information security certifications. While these organizations provide on-line real-time projects to these individuals in specific cases, followed by hands-on sessions for each of the conferences, which provide an exciting experience. However, training is provided by the professionals of cloud computing who have decades of computing and security experience.

SANS Cyber Aces Online

Members of the recognized SANS organization provide information security courses and educational activity through SANS Cyber Aces Online. With the aim to focus on high school students and individuals, mentors, practitioners and just about anyone who is supposed to look for a job in the field of information security, the respective information security courses are designed to help people gain basic security knowledge. However, three modules are available, each with multiple video features either with or without a questionnaire:

  • Operating System introduction
  • Building of network
  • The administrator of the system

SANS demonstrated that the courses are unique and accessible to information security professionals all around the globe and considering as a prerequisite through SANS courses. However, the organization offers high-quality videos produced by the experts in its field, including demonstrations, cloud computing, and related theories. Nevertheless, this platform allows individuals to learn with respect to their own schedule, therefore, the organization is committed to providing the skills and competencies needed to meet current standards and the real challenges which are supposed to be faced by the companies.

(ISC)2 Center for Cyber Safety and Education

It is generally referred to as the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)-2, and internationally known as the sponsor of CISSP certification and many other important information security certifications. In addition, ISC-2 also integrated with the provision of various training materials related to secure computer processing, including courses for parents and guardians for children, the elderly, etc. However, these documents were developed in collaboration within the Center for Cyber Security and Education, and these documents are useful for individuals or those trying to learn basic information security thought, means along with best practices. Though the course they provide is supposed to greet the requirements and postulates of the industry. However, the enterprise technology group is one of them because it answers all the questions that an individual ask in a short time, though it also provides professional training.

InfoSec Academy

InfoSec Academy is another leading organization that transforms people and employees of security information with a personalized learning experience in Artificial Intelligence, and integration studies. However, InfoSec Academy is internationally known as a training and development center for people looking to move or improve their information security careers in the relevant field. Though, they also help businesses to achieve security data and performance through the preparation of their platform teams. Thus, the mission of InfoSec Academy is to serve several purposes, which determines that it is a platform that gives people access to information security. Moreover, they build a workforce on a platform that enables companies to help their information security forces achieve their goals of an integrated, diverse learning experience with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Although nowadays, no one is risk-free from cyber-attacks, whether you own a small business or a grand company, one always need to protect the information and credentials. In order to meet these challenges, they need skilled network security professionals. In addition, there are many jobs for network security professionals around the world and not enough certificated experts to stuff them. However, finding a network security expert in a highly competitive market can be difficult, and to keep them is another challenge. On account of this IT companies decide to create such people by investing in the development of their employees through with InfoSec Academy.


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