Eudora is an email client used by windows and Mac operating systems. It is very similar to other email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, and Windows Live Mail etc.

Why need to import Eudora Mail to Outlook?

  • Outlook has a user-friendly interface
  • Good data management system
  • Rapid connectivity with Exchange Server
  • It is a more secure client with various options for data protection

Solutions available for moving from Eudora to PST and multiple formats

If you want to switch from Eudora to another email client, such as Outlook. You need to export all your email files and attachments safely to Outlook PST. There are two techniques to perform the conversion.

1st – Manual approach

No direct manual method is available for conversion of Eudora files. You need to move Eudora emails into Outlook Express and then export Outlook Express mailbox data into MS Outlook. Moreover, a manual method is generally used for small amount of data files. The manual method seems to be difficult for many users because of some of its limitations which are discussed below –

Limitations of the Manual Process

  • Not a complete Procedure: The manual process only moves Eudora emails to MS Outlook. To access Eudora to multiple different email client applications and different file formats, the manual method is not effective.
  • Lack of Data Integrity: It is not ensured that emails will remain in the same formatting as in the original mailbox.
  • Lengthy process: The manual method seems to be lengthy and time-consuming.

2nd – Automated Solution to Convert Eudora Mail MBOX to PST and many other formats

The manual process does not seem to be effective with the emails as it changes the formatting and properties during transfer and takes lots of time. A person with a large number of data files feel very bored during the whole process and there may become chances of data loss and corruption.

That’s why users start looking for a third-party solution. There are many solutions available online that will help you to export MBOX files to PST. One of the best among them is Eudora Converter provided by Softaken. The tool works only with four steps to provide you with the results. Safe migration of MBX files is done along with all email components. Bulk migration facility is quite useful in saving your quality time and efforts.

Some of the quality features of the software

  • User-friendly software
  • Safe conversion with entire components
  • Supportive to all MBOX clients
  • Migrate MBX files in mass
  • Local saving of exported database
  • Picked data files are exported
  • Provide support to all Outlook versions
  • Easy running on all Windows platforms
  • Multiple files are exported at a time
  • Maintain safety and accuracy
  • No alterations to original files
  • Attachments are saved in their exact form
  • 24*7 customer support service facility

Detailed working of the software

Only four simple steps of conversion –

Step 1. Selection of Files/folders and Browsing

Once you open the wizard of the software, it will seek to add MBOX files. You can tick ‘load Thunderbird files’ and the software automatically load all Thunderbird files for conversion. Click Continue to go ahead.

Selection-of-Files-folders-and-Browsing Eudora Converter for Eudora Mail to Outlook (MBOX to PST)

Step 2. Clear detailing of MBOX files

Once all the files are loaded to the wizard, it will show you all the details of files. You can select any files and see it’s details on the right-hand side of the window. This will help you to check the accuracy of the files. All the email files are clearly shown in details.

Selection-of-Files-folders-and-Browsing Eudora Converter for Eudora Mail to Outlook (MBOX to PST)

Step 3. Export options

You will find many options to access MBOX files in different email clients. You are free to choose PST/EML/EMLX/MSG files.

You are free to create a new PST file, choose the existing one or create multiple PST files for each MBOX file.

Selection-of-Files-folders-and-Browsing Eudora Converter for Eudora Mail to Outlook (MBOX to PST)

Step 4. Select Output Location

Once you load the files and select the required format to export. Then you need to set an Output location as per your requirements.

Then hit ‘convert now’ button and the processing get started.

Final Words

There are many solutions available to export Eudora emails to MS Outlook in Windows computer but it is difficult to find the best alternative to convert Eudora Mail MBOX to PST. It is essential to choose the best alternative in exporting important data files. There are zero percent chances of error with the software method and you can use it when you need to convert a large number of files. It is always instructed to use the demo version of the software first, before its purchase. This will help you in judging the tool’s suitability as per your needs. This will clear all your doubts.

For more details and to clarify all your doubts, you can test the demo version of the software. The link onto the product page is given below-



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