It is very important that companies have IT staff, so avoiding mistakes when recruiting IT talents is very important to know.
Usually these mistakes are always repeated when recruiting IT talents, not because the talent is less qualified but does not have a positive impact on your team because in general the IT staffing always works in a team.

Teamwork requires a good reciprocal relationship, this should be seen during the interview. That is why, the job interview that you are implementing right now is not only one stage, but several stages so you can see the candidate’s character.
This is to reduce and even minimize these errors.

There are several mistakes when recruiting IT talents that are often repeated.
These mistakes will adversely affect the performance of your team.
Here are some mistakes that occur when recruiting IT talents, it’s a good idea to avoid these.

Unclear Job Desk

It’s a good idea to explain clearly what desk talent jobs are before being hired in order to avoid mistakes when recruiting IT talents.
The scope of IT is quite broad, it can even be said that the IT team which is divided into many divisions is still one part.
If you don’t explain clearly and in detail, your talent will catch on wrong and if you accept it and it turns out that the skills are not suitable for the job desk, the results will not work properly because there is less misperception with the job desk.
So when there is a misperception it will impact on others, and can become a burden on one team, so that daily work will never be completed.

Too Focused About IT Engineering

Don’t focus too much on the techniques your candidate or talent has.
In the world of work, you must have understood that at work, all applications are no longer just theories and techniques, but how to think about dealing with problems and making decisions quickly.

This is what you must realize from now on, theory, techniques and values ​​are not the main thing in accepting talents or candidates.
However, having the skills, experience and mindset in facing the world of work is very important.
Having team members who are not ready to work as a team will hamper the team you have built and can create a negative atmosphere because of the unpreparedness of one of your members.

Just Looking at the Portfolio

Almost like focusing too much on technique.
In avoiding mistakes when recruiting IT talents is to focus too much on the portfolio.
It is true that a portfolio is important that you can consider in selecting talent, but this portfolio is actually more complex.
It would be better if you ask for a detailed portfolio of talents.
Whether you work as a team or individually, what are the obstacles when working on and what are the solutions to overcome them

At work, teamwork is the key and requires good communication, that is your goal in asking them in detail about the work or portfolio they have.
If the candidate only tells about the advantages of the portfolio that he has then you have to consider whether the talent is suitable for working as a team.
Therefore, in addition to portfolios, also pay attention to organizational experiences or what has been done during the internship.

Applying Two-Way Interviewing Techniques

A two-way interview has a purpose, where you tell the story and the candidate gives a response, it could even be a question that can indicate that he is active and taking the initiative can also see the strength of talent, whether the talent of a smart individual

For that, don’t ever let your talent go to give feedback or questions.
If you don’t do this, it will be difficult to know the character of the talent.

Almost all mistakes when recruiting IT talents occur during interviews, don’t just look at the looks but all the way through.
You can also unlock and attract what is invisible from the talent, personality and quality.

Apart from avoiding mistakes when recruiting IT talents, it would be nice if you also learn about strong communication tips when running the interview process

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