private virtual server
private virtual server

Cloud computing is one of a kind technology to evolve in 21st century taking IT to an all-new level. Not only it’s beneficial for business enterprises but individual workers are benefited equally from its many features. Cloud computing works in a way that virtual servers are located all round the globe over which you can have data accessibility anytime; anywhere required a reliable internet connection and hosting service provider.

Business infrastructure got a thousand times better due to lack of pitfalls common with traditional working system. Private cloud is actually a similar technology but somewhat as the name sounds; private! It’s purely dedicated to boost business whether you host in directly from a sole or shared data centre. You’ll definitely enjoy the agility and efficiency of a private virtual server which you can customize per likes upon request.

Virtual Private Cloud & its Implementation

A “Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)” is actually a shared computing service where you can enjoy a certain level of isolation dedicated to your company with customizable options. This segregation can be achieved via allotting a private IP subnet similar to VLAN or other encryption channels.

Authentication and encryption features in this particular cloud technology are far stronger than other relevant sources. An organization can thus enjoy private space with double speed and swift data accessibility. VPC is commonly utilized in context of cloud infrastructure services (IaaS).

Meanwhile, you must be familiar with Amazon’s VPC which initiated on August 26, 2009 where users are allowed to utilize free service however; charges are levied for “Virtual Private Networks (VPN)”. Earlier in the same year i.e. on April 7, 2009, Google App Engine also supported similar function with their “Secure Data Connector”.

Ubuntu Private Cloud & uses

Linux popular desktop operating system, Ubuntu provides its users with a variety of server, performance and storage options integrated with cloud technology. If you’re planning to use this particular OS for your business cloud computing, have it incorporated as a guest over shared or private cloud using personal hardware and software. Try both services and see which fits best with required business needs.

Privacy at its Best

Every organization as well as sole user considers security the biggest aspect when selecting private cloud. Businesses that are in need of high level privacy and control over services opt for this virtual technology. In case your business data is extremely sensitive and information is classified, go for in-house private cloud storage with more security options that you won’t find on shared service.

There may be times when you’re left with no other choice but to rely on organizational policies, limiting personal control over privacy factors. Still, it’s the best option available with superb security aspects to safeguard data archives and virtual assets.

Resources & flexibility

Public cloud means you can’t do anything except sharing resources with multiple tenants who might be facing similar predicament. A private cloud in contrast gives your business complete command and personalization options to data storage and accessibility.

Decide first how much data is to be accumulated, number of virtual servers needed and relay network security level. Setting threshold levels for your users, resources, private virtual desktops and data level while corporate optimization, all is possible.

Boundless execution of new technology

To avoid stagnation and take your fir to new heights of success, experimenting with latest technology as it arrives is necessary. Public cloud service can often choke using latest tech efforts due to incompatibility issues, storage and performance limitations but this isn’t the case with private cloud. System administrators and developers often test, install and finally execute their daily operations devoid of any bottleneck.


These are a few out of many benefits of private cloud and common reasons it’s gaining fame among business world. IT experts say that cloud technology is the future so why not take the first step into a larger world today!


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