The Internet converts a substantial amount of money. Ways abound, to earn them as well. Public social networks – not only entertainment, and communication, but also a way of earning. To do this, follow these steps:

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Create any thematic community;

  • Engaged in promoting the created page and invited thousands of followers to it;
  • Periodically, place ribbons advertise in groups and receive a regular income.
  • You can choose to engage in PR group, and it is possible to invest in specialized software or hire a professional in this business. You can start advertising after a sufficient number of people in pablike. Day advertising in groups with large numbers of customers costs about 2-3 thousand rubles. It is easy to calculate the income from such investments.

Investment in applications for smartphones based on iOS or Android

You can benefit from applications that provide services and support. Revenue contribution in bus applications where useful information on the same subject will be collected. We must not lose sight of any products or services that we sell.

Endowment Contribution to Life Insurance

This product combines two areas: accumulation of money and insurance in case of illness, death, accident survival.

The duration of the contract is typically 10–35 years. The objective of this method is to get the cost of money. For example, purchasing real estate, education and more. It can be used as a pension payment. By the end of the contract, you can get a cumulative sum and income from the investment. But most likely, this will multiply income not money, but compensate for inflation.

It is necessary to carefully examine the proposal from insurance companies and weigh the pros and cons.

Cons Investment in NCW:

Insurance coverage is valid only after the first payment. In other words, this period does not matter if the insured event has arrived. The full amount will be paid, as stipulated in the contract;

When insured event, payment is not taxed;

Benefits arising from insurance cannot be forfeited, engraved up in the event of divorce, assembled on a judgment.

Pros Investment in NCW:

Payments are arranged in nature – once a quarter, month or year;

There is a risk that inflation will eat up all profits by the end of the insurance period, and can and does end in red. The best solution to insurance is tied to euro or dollar.

Cannot deposit money without loss before the limit.

The method is well suited for diversification of investment portfolio with good features.

Investment in Personal Development

This type of investment involves income with no loss. Risks are reducing the minimum value. The benefits are wholly owned, and each can invest in training money.

All this is enough to sign up for possible courses, training, knowledge and seminars to learn foreign languages. It is important to apply all this knowledge to a successful career.

It would be good to choose such teachers, who follow a great example for themselves, and are not only happy to share the theory, but also their own experiences.

Will only give our current knowledge to these people, and are not standard and sometimes obsolete. Without a competent investment in itself, other investments lose all meaning.

Contribute to health and beauty

Psychology says: Beautiful people are more successful than not beautiful. This is easily explained because everyone wants to communicate and looks good to get any sort of connection with people. Only then do all soul drop, and mental abilities are evaluated.

It is necessary to pay more attention to health to maintain external and internal beauty.

Do not skimp on food, high quality medicines and clothing. If possible, give up things that are bad for health and life and endanger the quality of life.

For the contribution of funds in health and beauty, swimming pool, beauty salon, sauna, massage is enough to buy tickets for gym.

It is one of the most worthwhile investment, all of which is capable of earning profits repeatedly till the end of life. There may be a loss in this method of investment.

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Invest in own name and reputation

Often refer to specific individuals in the field of finance and business people and give them an assessment: this man is reliable, and it has a reputation for so much.


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