Do you wish to make a bogging quiz? If you do not know how to make one, we help you by listing the five most important steps that will help you kick start your own blogging quiz.

  1. Deciding the theme of your quiz-the theme for the trivia set must be such that it relates to the target audience. If the idea does not suit the people who will read your blog, it won’t generate leads. There are blogging quiz template available online that can help you get the theme. There are online trivia makers who can provide you with questions related to your theme in just a few minutes. You can download the pdf format and get the trivia quiz ready. Based on the theme, you will get trivia packages easily from trivia makers.
  2. Creating quiz questions-, the most magical thing about a trivia is the set of questions. Your questions should not be too difficult nor too easy. Generally, the first question should be an easy one as it makes the participant take on the remaining questions with comfort and ease. You can mix up the not-so-easy questions with the easy one sin the middle and latter part. Make sure, your questions are to the point and easily understood to the trivia quiz takers.
  3. Make text questions and image answers- a good way to keep your quiz takers engaged in a fun way is to frame the questions in the text format and the answers in the form of images. Human mind processes an image faster than a text. This helps you to understand the question faster when you look at the images, and choose the correct answer.
  4. Keep the questions precise- be straightforward and to the point when you are asking questions. The main purpose of the trivia night is to engage the audience in some fun and to build a rapport with them so that they keep coming to your bar/pub for trivia quizzes. A trivia is conducted in a short time and thus you do not want to keep your audience waiting for too long by beating around the bush and asking indirect questions.
  5. Setting up the results of the quiz- do not keep the participants waiting to know the correct answer. Let them know the answer on the same page as soon as the time is over for each question. Keep the results short and precise. More than half the participants take the quiz their mobile phones so a long descriptive answer will be frustrating and no one would read it anyways. Instead you can add the ink to’ know more’.

     We hope the above tips will help you a great deal in preparing your own blogging quiz.


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