Gone were the days when yellow pages and newspapers were the only sources to find the lawyer firms. Today, with increased digitization, people sift through the internet to search for lawyers. 

The search tendency for the law firm on Google indicates the importance of using law firm SEO for promoting legal practice online. 

However, it is a bit hard to find SEO experts who can improve the visibility of the law firms in the search ranking. 

To be proactive and do promotion on digital media is essential for lawyers who want to build a successful practice in a small time. To become a recognizable name in the industry new lawyers need to do aggressive promotion. As more people are searching the web for legal services, it has become more critical for both old and new lawyers to find the best lawyer SEO firm.  

Here we have summarized some points to make it easy for you to choose lawyer SEO. 

Figure out your SEO goals

Before directly jumping to hire an SEO firm, first determine your SEO goals. It is a new thing for most lawyers but it is important to do homework. Figure out the following things before contacting any lawyer SEO firm. 

  • Keywords 

Determine the keywords for which you want to rank your website on Google. 

There is no sense of a worldwide ranking for the keyword ‘lawyer’ or ‘law firm’. You need a keyword for your niche in which your competitors are running queries. 

For instance, ‘estate lawyer in Mount Pleasant’ is a powerful keyword to target the potential clients who are searching for an estate lawyer in Mount Pleasant. 

Prepare a list of keywords you want to rank your law firm website for. A well-reputed SEO agency then gives you a complete insight into your targeted keywords. 

  • Content optimization

Decide whether you want to optimize the content on a particular page or each piece of content. Finalize it beforehand as different SEO services have different charges. 

  • Management of online reputation

Find out if your firm needs online reputation management more than keyword optimization. Most of the websites have a good online presence but they lack only an online reputation. 

Search relevant SEO firms

Once you are ready with your SEO goals, you can effortlessly search for the relevant SEO firm. 

  • Search according to your niche

Like lawyers, SEO companies also have their niches. So search for the SEO agency that is specialized in your required niche. It means you need to search for a legal firm SEO agency or lawyer SEO experts. 

  • Law practice knowledge 

The SEO team you choose must have enough knowledge about your law practice along with their SEO technical backend. When the SEO team you hire has enough understanding of your business jargon and has the legal knowledge, so they work expertly on the content and context of your law firm website. 

  • Portfolio 

A well-reputed lawyer SEO firm not only gives the online visibility but also gives you the proper planning of how they are going to do it. They also show you their portfolio for past assignments and case studies. It is more reliable to work with a company that has already helped many law firms and lawyers to increase their Google search rankings. Don’t just go for the companies who can show you only promises. 

Work with formal documentations 

Trustworthy SEO firms work with proper documentation. This formal documentation easily progresses your partnership with the SEO company smoothly. 

  • Payments and charges

Some firms charge monthly and others may ask you for payment on an hourly basis. Some may even charge you according to per page or according to the entire project. Such billing is done when you select Pay-For-Performance services. Payment structures may differ as per the policies of the legal firm SEO company.

  • Regular updates 

Regular progress reports are sent to clients from SEO firms. It will help you know the status of the SEO of your website. So, make sure that the SEO firm you are hiring provides you regular progress reports. 

  • Better communication

An SEO firm that tends to communicate with clients and solve their queries with fluent communication tends to serve a lot better than the others who don’t do the likewise. Communication is another severe point that needs to be resolved in advance. The lawyer SEO firm needs to be clear with the source of communication whether it’s through emails or calls. 

Find out if there is a team or an individual to solve customer problems. Communication factor always needs to be clear for the clients which will lead to the betterment of the company. 

Hope this discussion helps you to find the best lawyer SEO firm that will improve online visibility and traffic for websites for lawyers. Hire a trusted law firm SEO team to get more new leads and conversions. 


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