Shoe boxes are mainly used in various ways, for example, to ship shoes from the factory to the company’s store, then from the store to your home. The second use is to store shoes in shoes to keep them clean and squeaky.Therefore, water and humidity are the main factors that cause fungi and bacteria to grow in our shoes, which will subsequently cause our feet to smell bad, rashes, and itchy feet. However, it is possible to prevent all these situations with a very small and simple step, which is not to put the shoes in the corner but to pack them in a shoebox to extend their life.As men and women, they are extremely necessary to protect their valuables from dust and dust. You may not like wearing shoes, being damaged and damaged by dirt, which can affect your personality. Therefore, people obsessed with shoes will receive a gift in the form of these boxes.

Why is it important to store shoes?

For those who are more likely to take off their shoes and let the devil put them where he can, the simple concept of shoe storage sounds like a waste of time. However, this is the case – people who just throw their shoes at others are more likely to break them soon. Custom shoe boxes is important to ensure that shoes are protected from dangerous factors such as sunlight, dust, and humidity and to provide a safe space for shoes. The main advantage of putting shoes in their original packaging is that they will have a safe and secure storage place.

Provide identity to your shoes

The shoebox offers the company the opportunity to represent its identity. It has a company logo, which can directly indicate the manufacturing company. The company’s branding trends and eponymous brands have been widely adopted in the company.These logos can not only identify the source of manufactured products, but the brand sense also attracts more customers. These boxes offer the company the space to decorate their logo.

Corrugated shoe boxes for the shoe business

Nowadays, the ideal choice that people are pursuing is a cardboard shoebox. They have their advantages and disadvantages, but both sides are balanced. The first advantage is that there is not difficult to find and can be easily purchased on the market, thus saving the hassle of long-distance travel.Furthermore, the second advantage is that it is an inexpensive material, which means that it requires low-cost production. If purchased in bulk, as it’s made from recycled materials, it won’t cost a lot of money.The third advantage is that it can be easily sealed with tape, glue, or staples, effectively holding the corrugated around the item until it opens. By purchasing such a shoebox, you can get a convenient transaction with many facilities.

Boxes provide shoe a classification

Different shoe packaging ideas adopted by different companies can rank shoes according to their quality and popularity. Many companies prefer shoe boxes to cardboard boxes. This is not only better in quality and durability, it is also recognized as a luxury shoebox.According to the type of packaging materials and processing methods, shoes are classified from the point of view of quality: that is, the quality of the shoes is not measured by the product itself, but by the packaging and the shape in the package. It has reached the customer.More attractive, durable, and attractive packaging boxes classify products as higher value products than regular packaging boxes.

A box with a lid is a must

First of all, this must be the first rule. Whether it’s a glass box or a cardboard shoebox, it must have a lid on top so that you can use it to create storage space around the house. Boxes without lids cannot be stacked and overlapped, either way, you won’t need much in the end.

Depending on the material and purpose of use, these boxes with lids often play an important role in your business.


Storing the luxury shoe boxes helps extend the life of the product. They can last longer. Although this type of packaging increases the cost by a certain percentage, that is, it is believed that due to the packaging, the entire price of the product is 2% or more.It helps improve product life, improve the overall quality, and provide positive feedback for the company in the market. The duration can be listed in the following factors.

  1. Keep the shape: To use the box it is possible to keep the shape of the product that is the shoes. Even if some pressure is applied, the product will not deform due to deformation, but for packaging reasons, it will be able to withstand the pressure. Now we can also consider the quality of the packaging. The better the quality of the box, the safer it will be and vice versa.
  2. Environmental factor: You must evaluate several luxury packaging to ensure that the product is not affected by weather conditions. For example, moisture or humidity can affect leather products, if not packaged, shorten the life of leather products and reduce the quality. The shoebox will help them keep the moisture-proof quality. Another thing that can affect the quality of the shoes is dust. These footwear boxes will also help them resist dust and make them reusable. Likewise, the daylight factor cannot be ignored.  Direct sunlight will fade the color and texture of any shoe. Therefore, the shoebox also helps prevent direct sunlight.
  1. Specific: There are several details and specifications mentioned in the package. For example, size, color, category, code, type, etc. This helps classify and find products more accurately. Provide detailed product information.

Therefore, instead of opening all the boxes each time, the company uses the space on the box to specify these things


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