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Interior of a real laundry room with a washing machine at home

One of the most revolutionary household appliances has been the washing machine, since its invention, it came to radically change life at home. For years, clothes were washed on rocks at the riverside, in very uncomfortable postures. Over time, simpler methods were sought to facilitate this task. Whether in the past or in the 21st century, washing clothes using hands still requires a great deal of time and resources. Having to wet, lather, carve, rinse, squeeze, shake and lay are arduous tasks that must be done for the simple and everyday reason of having clean clothes. Keeping in mind that there are many things to do and little time available, it is well worth relying on a third party to do it for us and thus take advantage of our day, this support is the washing machine.
If you are thinking of changing it for a more modern one or you are going to acquire it for the first time, remember that the top washing machine lasts for the average of 11 years. So you should buy a branded washing machine to use it at its fullest. In the market there is a wide range of them of different types and washing mechanisms. At present a variety of models of washing machines sold in different types and capacities, functions squeezing, drying, control water consumption saving system light and detergent with varying wash cycles, among other attributes. The price of these large appliances is not only a function of their characteristics and benefits, but also of the brand, model and place of purchase.
Recommendations to use at its best
o If you purchased new equipment, it is important that you read the user manual before connecting or using it.
o For its proper functioning, use the type and quantity of detergent recommended by the manufacturer. If you do not have this information, preferably choose the lower ones in foam, since the excess of this causes the motor to work more than necessary.
o Try to load the maximum allowable clothes, because if you put less you will spend more water and electricity, and if you put more clothes, they will be poorly washed and there is a risk of forcing the engine.
o When finished washing, rinse the different deposits (chlorine, rinse, etc.), as well as the interior and exterior of the appliance, as the residues can prematurely damage the materials.
o Make sure that the equipment is correctly levelled, so that the vibration of the device does not move it and can damage the supports, the electrical connection and the water outlet.
o Avoid connecting several devices in the same socket, it can overload the installation and cause a bigger problem.
o In the event of any failure, avoid trying to repair it yourself, go to the centres authorized by the manufacturers.
o Take into account that the use of hot water degrades the springs and elastic fabrics, reducing the useful life of the garments.
o When you don’t use it, disconnect it from the plug.
Having the washing machine which would be best for your home should be your goal while buying the new washing machine.


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