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In the recent past, Aadhaar Card has become the most important documents when it comes to proving your identity in India. The Aadhaar Card has a 12-digit unique number along with your fingerprint and iris images which can prove your identity.

Unlike getting a duplicate copy of other identity proofs such as PAN Card and Driving License, you can recover your lost Aadhaar Card without issues. This post will help you know some easy ways of helping you retrieve a lost Aadhaar Card.

New-Aadhar-Card-Apply Here’s How you can Get a Duplicate Copy of Aadhaar Card OnlineIn case your Aadhaar Card is lost, the Aadhaar Cardholder can easily download aadhar card online. The Aadhaar Cardholder can download a duplicate copy of the Aadhaar Card from the official UIDAI website. This is possible by providing details of the enrolment number mentioned in the slip at the time of Aadhaar Card application.

When you recover lost Aadhaar Card and get a duplicate one, it has the same card number and other details as mentioned in the original card. Even if a person is unable to recover the enrolment slip or has lost it, he/she can still retrieve a lost Aadhaar Card by downloading it from the UIDAI website.  Here is the detailed process to do it:

Online Steps to Help you Recover Lost Aadhaar Card

✓      Go to the official UIDAI website

✓      Once you are there, you are asked to select an option such as – You want to receive your enrolment number or the Aadhaar number

✓      You can either choose – Enrolment number or Aadhaar number

✓      You will then need to enter some basic information such as your full name, registered email address and registered mobile number linked with UIDAI

✓      Put in the security code displayed on the screen and click on ‘send one-time-password’ button

✓      You will then receive the one-time-password or the OTP on your registered mobile number as well as the registered email address

✓      Provide the same OTP that you received on your email/mobile and click on the ‘verify OTP’ button

✓      You will then shortly receive a text message on your mobile having your enrolment or the Aadhaar number

✓      Once you have got the enrolment ID or the Aadhaar number, you would then need to visit the website. Once you land there, select what you want to seek – the enrolment ID or the Aadhaar number under the – I Have tab

✓      Provide your Aadhaar number or the enrolment ID, full name, security text image being displayed in the tab, your pin code and the registered mobile number

✓      You will then receive the one-time-password (OTP) on your registered mobile number

✓      If you do not receive the OTP in 5 minutes or so, you can click on ‘resend OTP’ to get it quickly

✓      Once you have the OTP on your mobile number, you will then need to provide the OTP in the ‘enter OTP’ tab and then click on ‘validate and download’

✓      You will then be able to do the lost Aadhaar Card download

✓      Once you click on the downloaded documents, you will be asked to enter a PIN to open it

✓      This PIN is nothing but your PIN Code of the city mentioned in your Aadhaar Card application. For example – 411014 will be your PIN if you live in the Viman Nagar area of Pune. Enter it and avail the lost Aadhaar Card download facility

✓      You are now free to get aadhar card as on a print paper which is also now your e- Aadhaar Card

Other Methods to Recover Lost Aadhaar Card

Other than following the online process to recover lost Aadhaar Card, you can retrieve the vital ID card document by the following two easy methods:

➢      You can call the toll-free UIDAI number 1947 and follow the instructions on the IVR to recover your lost Aadhaar Card

➢      You can also visit one of the authorized Aadhaar enrolment centers, provide your basic details by filling out a form, get the biometrics verified and place an e- Aadhaar Card order. The e- Aadhaar Card will then be sent to your residential address

You can now recover lost Aadhaar Card as you are now aware of the steps that will help you do so. All the best!


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