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“Give, and it shall be given unto you” is a phrase that made it into the ancient scriptures for a reason. Old as these words are, they still ring true today because they aren’t cosmic or esoteric. They convey a simple psychological truth: We’re naturally drawn to generous people.

Apply the generosity principle to your business and you should soon notice more and more attention and generosity flowing back towards you. To get started, try out the five strategies listed below:

  • Freebies

You must’ve seen tables set up at supermarkets where you can taste cheese or other delicacies for free. Not only do people love free stuff, but they also love buying stuff they’re already familiar with. For a customer, it’s risky business buying a brand they don’t know.

When you offer free trials or hand out samples, you’re creating a sense of comfort and positive familiarity around your brand, making the recipients comfortable enough to spend money next time around. Giving away high-quality promotional products printed with your company logo is a great way to leverage this strategy. 

  1. The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Knowledge is power and transparency is king. Look for hacks that you can pass on to your customer. This could come in the form of sharing quick tips on social media, and offering creative ways of using your product or engaging with your service.

Teaching or relaying information is an intimate way to be generous. You’re giving not just an item of value, but your time. This is why it’s such a powerful way to nurture the relationship between the giver of the information and the recipient.

  • Acts of Goodwill

While you don’t have to portray yourself as the savior of mankind, it would do you well to support a cause; especially one that aligns with your brand. If you’re in the mattress industry, for example, you could visit orphanages and homeless shelters to replace old beds.

Whatever business you’re in, there’s bound to be a relevant charitable organization to support. It’s a win-win situation. You get publicity for your heartwarming gesture and you actually do some good in the world while you’re at it.

  • Turn Loyalty into Royalty

Out of all your customers, there are those that swear by your brand, those whose lifestyle your brand represents. These customers are the essence of your business, so it’s important that you keep this group motivated. To this end, create suitably enticing incentives, including a loyalty program.

Give them points in the same way you’d give a child a gold star. Separate the wheat from the chaff by crowning your VIPs – whatever it takes to encourage loyalty. Before you know it, you’ll have a cult following.

  • We Eat from Retweets

Social media is becoming a valuable business tool. It’s a speedy and easy way to engage with your audience, and you can generate some real buzz for your enterprise at the press of a button.

Every time a customer gushes over your product or service online, reward them somehow. You don’t even have to spend money impressing that customer – a simple retweet, share, or a text saying “we value you” will go a long way towards making your clientele feel appreciated and important. After all, we all like to be around people who appreciate us. 

Relationships aren’t a one-way street. They require commitment and generosity from both parties. One-sided connections are doomed from the start, but if you nurture your customers, you’ll be on the two-way street that leads to success.


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